The details

This morning, I was not feeling it.
I was anxious, sore and tired.
I had 10 pallets to work and it was 3am
(That’s a relatively small truck for us too)
It was my sixth day in a row.
On top of that, we were short handed.
But my boss came in at 4am,
Just to help and give me some pointers on small adjustments I could make to be more efficient with my time…
You see,
Every minute counts and those add up.
And the truth is, it’s hard to see and hard to hear sometimes but it really is time management that either makes your day or breaks your day.
It’s usually not the big things killing us.
For example,
Small adjustments,
So easy I was almost mad that I overlooked it…but once I adjusted ….
I had 7 out of 10 pallets broke down and done by 6am.

You need other people to help you grow
You need that other perspective
You can’t win on your own….
You need smarter people in the room
You need to surround yourself with people who force you to grow and challenge yourself
You need people who tell you no…
You need people to help you level up.

That’s how you make it
That’s how you grow
That’s how you learn and how you help those around you grow
And achieve their goals.



Consent is easy
It looks like
Me sending you texts all day
Tongue and two finger combos
what I wish I could do
Because I know you like them
It looks like me
Wearing a tie
Because I know
You like to take it off
And be blindfolded
Is both of us
Having fun
Both of us
Burning out together
Both of us
Coupled together
A spliced electrical wire
That’s consent
If it isn’t firing
If it isn’t equally enthusiastic
If you’re not in to it
Than I’m not having fun
We can do something different
There is no pressure to be anything

Other than who and what we are

Consent is easy



You are
A number on a scale
Body mass
The hardness of your dick.
The fit of your shirt
The measure of your hairline
The balance of your bank account …

You are
Your word
Your thoughts
Your loyalty
Your character
Your ethic
Your legacy
Your wit
Your grit
Don’t buy what they are selling …
Don’t hate what they are selling
Don’t even consider it…
It’s just their job…
That’s what they do …

But you
A man
A father
A son
A husband
A brother
A human citizen
And you

You adapt to change
Like an Olympic athlete
And you run this race
Your race
And you have a cloud of
Witnesses watching
Cheering you on…
You are what you love
And how you love
You are hands that build
A legacy.



2021 #1

The American people are hurting


Out of work

They are enduring



I’ve watched as professors work door dash every day

Just to keep food on the table

They refuse to give in

They showed up to vote

In the middle of a pandemic


I remember the night the president was elected

My wife cried herself to sleep….

I remember “day 1”

I remember

The speeches the statements

I am reminded of all the opportunities

To step off the train

And I’ve been waiting

But no one has stepped off

I asked myself how this was possible ?

It’s like watching an abused partner make excuses for their abuser


It turned my stomach to see a small portion of white American conservatives act like they are being attacked


They have been duped by a con man

A liar

Let there be no mistake

History will record with the greatest astonishment

That they did not walk away

They stood by their man

Until the end

And they will have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives


They have shown

That his behaviour is presidential

For their daughters

And grand daughters

They have made excuses

For this slow build up that culminated

As any cult does

Into hysteria

We have seen every form of it …

They have been lied to.

It is a cult


Make no mistake

Even for conservatives

This is not America

The American people do not have time to buy in

They are struggling

They are and have been in survival mode

I want us all to be able to dream again

I want us all to build again

To win

I’ve watched and worked in cities

All my life

I know the American people

And we endure

We build

We continue forward

I still believe in this America


I believe what happened for Georgia will be possible in any state

If we get the relief and help out to the American people so they can build

They do not want a handout they want a hand up

A foothold


I don’t have time for cults

For hysteria

And paranoia

Or conspiracy


Call it what it is



We’ve seen and lived through the harvest this reaps


I believe we can do better

We MUST do better

For our children

And their children

For our neighbours

For ourselves


If you were a 14 year old daughter

You are 18 now

Possibly considering marriage

Would you be ok if she brought a sitting con man, jester , clown, abuser home?

Would you really?

Be ok leaving them in the room with him alone?

Or on a trip with him in a car alone?


I’ve sat in the room with men who abuse women and I’ve fired them….

Every single one has had an excuse

There are countless excuses

Everybody has them….

Let me say this


I am tired

And I have no room for excuses

It’s time to build

It’s time to dream

It’s time to heal

It’s time to move forward

This never happened

We have to move forward

We have to get relief to our country

The world is watching

Future leaders are watching

Our daughters and our sons are watching

It’s up to us to discern truth

To discern placement

And value

Not social media

Not businesses

We have to do better

We can

We should

We are Americans

We have a personal responsibility

To bring authentic excellence

For our future


It’s bright

We are going to be ok

If we do the work

If we do the work

We will be moving forward

It’s the small details

It’s the living rooms

It’s the families

It’s the you and the me

It’s the professor

It’s the teacher

It’s the clerk

It’s the associate

Getting up at 2:30 am

It’s the business owner

It’s the pastor

The priest

The Muslim

The Christian the agnostic

It’s all of us

We all are Americans

And we all have made it this far

And we all


Are building

And I’m proud

I’m proud to have worked beside you

I’m proud to have lived among you

I’m proud

To be an American

Because we choose our future

And we can decide.


Hard lessons

Just let me be me
Don’t let me be good
Let me be great
Stop the world
Stop settling
Don’t be ok
With showing up
To your destiny
I should already be dead
Sometimes I wonder why you did it
What would make you end it,
Came up on nothing
Cold concrete
Heated by kerosine
Rolls of carpet in the hallway
Working everyday
Full time from the age of 16
Overtime because I’ve got a dream
New hustle
New religion
Stacked adrenaline
Stranger in this town
Left it for the iron city
Bags are at the door
Been training to lift it
Since the age of ….
Names under scripture
Highlighted by gin
Whispers wondering where you’ve been
I don’t have time to rest
She said managing monotony and monogamy was like putting murder in her mind
She’s dying from the small town life ,
She’s doing things she said she never would…
She’s thinking about things she said she never would …
You don’t fit in and you don’t stand out
You are a new kind of ….
A new mind of…
Bond girl
Straight out of water
Kill lights
She’s all power
Feet on the ground
She’s got a hit list
She’s taking things out
We threw punches
Spit blood
Broke prides
Life isn’t a fairy tale
Life isn’t free
Hard lessons learned
Go in hard like an icon
Come up running
Came from nothing
And they’ll keep it from you if you let it
Nothing’s guaranteed
Read the fine print
Hold them to it
New fire
Fresh hustle
Old power
Take this iron city and lift it
Buy a new dream
Forget bling
Show me a start up running on
Step for step
Dancing like Muhammad Ali
Just waiting you sleepers out
Coming up worthless
Sitting back observing
Waiting on the bell
Waiting on the knockout
Now everyone’s married
Locked in 18 to life
Living on dad
Dead at 30
What’s that echo?
Feet on the ground
Don’t show up late to your dream…
Don’t settle
It’s a struggle
Power couple
Full hustle
No kids
She wants a prenup
Hustler all her life
She’s not a bad bitch
She’s not even savage
she’s quietly building
buying this town
She’s coming up

She’s not after luxury

She’s leaving a legacy

Restless hands

Out on the highway

Out there on the long way

Where the lights follow you close behind

There’s a bend in the road

Where only god knows

Where the lights go


She appears

Where he turned his back on her way back when…

Chased his restless flame


Her tears turned to rain

Rain flowed into rivers

Rivers into oceans

And oceans never fill….

We are beaten by the crashing waves

Only god knows

How to understand

How to hold

These restless hands


Father Time

Broke Mother Nature

And only God knows

How to understand ….


There’s something about grace

There’s something about the contradiction of the heart and mind

And these

Restless hands

My life

Feeling subdued



Feeling the ice cold

Cover my soul

Coming in hot

Just to melt it


They said you had red letter days

Mug shots

Shot to shot

You living on hustle hard

Bread and alcohol

I finished my last rice

I’m not stopping

I’m not stopping halfway

I’ve bled too much

Sacrificed too much


I only get one shot


And she’s pushing hard

Building what she sees

But how is it that she can’t win

When she walks in the room

It’s her clothes


Are you with her just for the comfort her body allows

It’s times like these we’ve got to figure it out

What we thought we were

What we thought life and love was

And what it actually is

Who we are has to rise up

And overcome what we’ve been


I admit

I was playing in the beginning

But now I’m hungry

I’ve seen the possibility

And it’s feeding me

We’re not the same as everyone

And that’s fine

You write to kill you kill to write

Putting the words down just to suffer getting them out

It’s a struggle but you’re real

You’re not missing any note shots


She enters the room she don’t care what you think, what she does and says , wears and thinks, how she moves how she breathes, unapologetic, she’s a different fire new breed the lay-off payoff

Her 9-9 is cashing out your receipts

She’s cashing out

Building wow

You can’t figure her out

New breed new fire fresh desire

Old you can’t apply

Her foundations are older than time

Her hustle is real and you can’t buy that from the App Store.



You’re not built the same as all of those other people …
You’re not meant to fit in
Stop trying
You can’t look to the past
You can’t go back…
You can’t
Those years are gone
You’ve been through too too much
You’ve seen too much
You are not the same you…
Those years
You grew
You had it hard
You worked hard
You grew up in the dark
You were building
You can’t look back hoping for people for something that is gone…
I remember working when I was 6
I remember going to the hospital when I was 18 and having surgery
And thinking “I can relax …I can sleep…I can’t fix everything …but I can relax now…”
I remember all the hard mornings and hard nights …
I remember
But I do not blame them or no one …
Those things made me who I am…
I choose…
I choose to build …
And I choose to keep fighting…
I will not quit…
We’ve came too far to quit …
And if you’re unrecognisable
If people don’t know what to do with you
If you make them nervous
If you can’t be labelled
You’re building your own brand
You’re a new thing
Do not quit
Hard times made you
You were meant for this.
Job scraped boils with pottery
Seeking a moment of comfort …
But he did not quit…
You’re different
You’re meant to be different
You’re not normal
You’re a different breed
They don’t make them like you anymore
Because you are born in darkness
You are born out of survival
You are born
Out of decision
You chose at some point
Who and what you were going to be …
You saw what was around you…
But you carried a vision in your gut and tho you were born in struggle and darkness, you had fire in your bones …
And you cannot quit
You’ve made it this far…
You may fall…
You may get hit…
You may struggle
You may doubt …
You may get tired …
But you always come back …
You learn
You move with the hits
You get stronger
You build back
You’re building something …
You’re not suppose to fit the mold of what is common
Because you’re uncommon.
It’s not normal to be like you are…

And thats ok.

You were meant for such a time as this…


Time (women)

Be intentional.
Don’t waste people’s time.
You can be anything you want.
Courageous, bold. Real.
A poet. A teacher.
Just don’t be something you’re not.
‘Cos chances are, she already knows if you like her. Even before you do.
And if you waste her time, well, that’s really hard for intelligent people to forgive. It’s all we have. And there’s nothing more intelligent than a woman.