30 for 30 #14

She said she played guitar 

Not her vagina 

It didn’t matter 

Her being a woman shouldn’t have anything to do with it 

She was of course a feminist 

Not against men but definitely a feminist 

Think what you want from that 

“Women have really had to take it 

From the very beginning ”

And men 

“Men hate it when you can do something they like 

Especially if you can do it better ”

Her mom never tried to be the perfect woman 

She was a woman 

Who dressed the way she wanted 

Jeans and t shirts 

She was really before her time 

That played a big part she thought 

So here she was now 

With a guitar 

And some paper with words on it 

Some ink stains 

That make music 

Showing how important it is to shed your soul 

And if a little girl somewhere wants to play guitar 

They should play it 

And play it better than all the boys 

Brody Dalle shot by Julie Kiecksee 


Tired of the sameness 

The struggle 

The toxic 

She poured a drink

Unable to escape …

Back to Black 

Echoing through the hallways 

Damn I can sing 

I’m clean-I made it- I’ll write something new…

The music 

Moving closer …

Just before she went to sleep 
So much soul

We only save the world with words 

We’re only genuine ’til it hurts 

But you gave 

Body and soul 


Did you rest 

Did you rest

When the Music 

Came to get you?

Living Things

Take the path
Of least resistance
It only makes sense
Mass produce
common sense

Think for yourself
Unless it’s different

You need a phone with more energy

a “like” button for that news video
Empty vessels
Dormant,drowning in so much hyperbole

Hurry hurry
Out here on the wire
don’t know where we’re going
we are busy
Generalising living things

So take what you need
Don’t put yourself
On that cross in front of me,darling.
I may just cut it down.
Don’t put me on that throne
I may not wear the crown

Doesn’t anyone ?
Want to see what’s in the lost and found?
Doesn’t anyone
Remember rock and roll…
The days of old
Sweat the blood
The ‘fuck it’ all?
And you still had a brain

I could use a real story
With less resentment
I’d like to hear a perspective
Over some Indian
Or fish tacos and vodka
Without all the crucifying

Do you know what you are made of?
Have you ever picked at your skin?
Are you afraid of the sight of your blood?

Come closer
Than that


Where did it all go wrong?

“You know that feeling you get
You feel you’re older than time
You ain’t exactly sure
If you’ve been away a while

Do you keep the receipts
For the friends that you buy
And ain’t it bittersweet
You were only just getting by

But I hope you know
That it won´t let go
It sticks around with you until the day you die
And i hope you know that it´s touch and go
I hope the tears don´t stain the world that waits outside
Where did it all go wrong?”
Great lyric by Noel Gallagher

Watch the acoustic video for this below

I’ve had this song stuck in my head
For a couple days now
Depression is not new to me
So when a friend text me
Asking for advice on what to say
Regarding self harm
And suicide ….
To help a friend of theirs
I just ….
I suddenly related
Just be honest give them your heart
Let them know you care
Really care
People can see through fake
I’ve struggled with depression
I’ve struggled with suicide
And fear of just becoming
Another male in our family who commits the act
I’ve fought that
I know that darkness
So love
And understanding
And raw vulnerability
Is the answer
People don’t need fake
They need honest
And that is expensive
But still
Life throws us hope
There is hope
It’s not all dark
We are both
Light and dark
Good and bad
And you have to accept that some people
Talk a lot
And say very little
They take more than they give
They will hurt you
They will not be able to see your heart or feel it
Even when you place it
In their hands
Will be hurt
They will be reckless
But these people
Have their own story
Is the answer
Compassion is the answer
Boundaries are the answers
It is still better to
Be you
And feel deeply
Love deeply
Rather than trade your depth
For shallow waters

Don’t become bitter
Don’t give up your story
Hang in there
I don’t have the answers
I only know
That we grow into ourselves
And you should never
Be ashamed of your story
And this song
It’s been on mind
So I thought I’d share it

Just let it come down over me

For every whispered lullaby
And all the castles in the sky
For every word I’ll ever need
And all my friends about to leave
For all the times I fell in love
And when my love was not enough
And for the future I don’t see
Just let it come down over me
For every whispered lullaby
And all the castles in the sky
For every word I’ll ever need
Just let it come down over me
Just let it come down over me

– Noel Gallagher