30 for 30 #15

All the parts of me

From the past

I look back on

To recognize

How much I’ve grown

And all the loves

I thought I loved 

I look now

And know

I loved you first

And I’m amazed

Because I love you now

More than I ever did


I laugh


I have a lifetime

To learn something new


And again



And don’t mistake me

Even when we’re fighting

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

I can’t imagine

Not being able

To argue with you

It’s as important to me

As all the rest

I just want to be in the same room

With you


That is a room

With a priceless view.


30 for 30 #12 

The world is burning

How did it get that way?

It’s always been that way

It doesn’t take the best out of us

Don’t think that way

It requires the best from us

How beautiful

That we can come together

And we can love

We can remain curious

And the earth



Our husbands and our wives

Will continue

To surprise us

We can even surprise ourselves

I think that’s worth it all

How far we’ve come

Why stop now ?

It’s one at a time

A little bit day by day

A new habit

A new way of seeing things

Cleaner air

Cleaner energy

Better cities

Better communities

Coming together

And for me

Writing better

Writing more

Staying positive

You don’t live your whole life in a day

It takes 24 hours at a time

And eventually you look back and you see how much you’ve changed

That’s life

So we will keep on

Little by little

Making this house


For those after us

And a little better

For us now

The world may be burning

And we may be tossed back and forth

Tragedy to chaos

But we were built to last

Most of the time -not all – but most

The things we worry most about

Do not happen

No one saw the Soviet Union collapsing

But it did

Things change on a dime

In a single flight

Or taxi drive

Over coffee

Three text messages

A single moment

Heavy moments are bass to the score of life

Wrapped in regular moments

Keep on

Keep on

You are built to last

You are built to last

You have eternity inside your veins

The cosmos in your eyes

You may feel like your life is

changing casts and characters

But everyone brings something

To the table

Be proud of your something


It’s yours

And no one

No one can play your part

Like you

You’re the only you 


30 for 30 #11

Write my wrongs 

I leave it all bled out 

The world is breaking up 

With all your ideals 

What are you gonna do now?

I have a thousand songs 

A hundred books 

All of these damned windows 

Inside this house 

I left them open 

And bless my soul 

You brought the wind 

When you came in 

And now I’m calling you 

Your coming over 

Is coming home 

This is our home 


I guess I’m just young 

Troubled old souls 

Worn shit out 

But this 

Is worth 

It all 

Write it out 

In paper napkins 

Just for you 

Try to get write right 

Inside the lines lights 

They keep highlighting 


And I want want 

To tell you 

I’m coming home 

You make it home 

You make it right 

And this is what a dream looks like when you get right 


Image origin unknown 

30 for 30 #9

His alarm clock blinked 3am 

He had an old clock 

From 1996 

With big red letters 

He had tried an old iPhone 

For a few years 

But he liked having his things prioritised 

Alarm clock 



Everything else was just a fad 


If he lost the damn thing …

He looked in the mirror 

When did he get so old ?

One minute 

He was young 

Getting married

Going to work everyday 

He tried to think …

What was it like?

He didn’t know

The next minute 

They were old

What did they do?

What did they like?

They scrolled on their phones?

For what?


Now everyone used something else 

Fb faded away for snapchat after it had more dead accounts than live ones…and then snapchat went to another thing

What had been so important?

Other people’s lives?

The best he could recall everyone was miserable 

And just trying their best

And now?

Everyone that was left was old 

Who cared what they looked like?

If he logged back in?

It would be memories 

Of what?

An article ? 

On clothes?


A governor?

Who could remember what it was all about?

Who said what 

The shame was seeing how far 

Everyone went to defend an opinion 

Or how much they could swallow 

But what did it matter?

Here he was 

And he couldn’t recall

His own marriage 

His own life 

When was the last time 

He really had done something for his wife

What was the best sex they’d ever had?

The best vacation?

Their favourite sex position ?

The funniest memory?

He couldn’t remember 

What did his wife look like naked

When they were young?

He couldn’t remember 

They spent so much time 

Just scrolling 

And now

He couldn’t get it back


30 for 30 #7

Today I will relax 

I will read more 

I will clean more 

I will be healthy 

I will want a beer 

But I won’t drink one 

I will 

Rather than get depressed 

laugh at the fact that 


Finally impeached it’s Governor 


The United States has an ‘Alabama Government ‘


I will get out of bed

Walk Simon 

Pine Sol the apartment 

Polish the hardwood 

Clean the kitchen 

Clean the bathrooms 

Good god 

Dump the pine sol in the shower 

(Why are humans so disgusting 

Everyone wants to go back to the past 

Back to bad hygiene? 

Before showers? 

And razors? 

Sounds terrific

Enjoy all of that

This is why we have 

People who can remember 

To put a gun on their hip 

To go to the store at 11am 

But forgets to put deodorant on)

Vacuum the carpets 

Hope I spelled “vacuum” correctly 

Dust the shades over the lights 

Have you seen that dust?

It’s pretty damn bad. 

Today I will consider working out 

But choose to read instead 

Make soup 

Watch pbs 

And listen to podcast while getting ingredients for soup (because I also need sponges and pine sol)

You have to justify getting out some times 

And sponges are a good justification 

I will also remember to put my wife’s scrubs in the dryer 

But only while I’m brushing Simon 

Because he walked past me vacuuming and – dude- he sheds 

He sheds so bad he could do a commercial for doggie baldness 


He’s not bald

Or balding 


I will relax 

I will not worry 

I will read to my dog 

And I will take him with me to the store 

We will see termites eating a tree 

And we will talk about that on the way home. 

Today I will relax. 


30 for 30 #5

What are dreams made of,

Can you hear them,

What sounds do they make?

I can hear his bag hit the floor

Dust settling from the old leather

The Sandman is a storyteller

He opens his notebook and begins

Making circles with his pen

Dragging it around the paper

The ink becomes a pool

Cool and blue

A whirlpool

A black hole

A window

Dust falls from his cuffs

Onto the paper 

 Making the ink dirty 

Now there are stars 

The pool 

Becomes a galaxy 

Over an ocean 

At midnight 

And inside here
This window 

Are his stories

But I’m asleep now

And so are you

And now we are in those stories

And we know

The sounds

Dreams make 

As they move about 

If you listen you can hear them 

-regardingsamuel.com image origin unknown 

30 for 30 #3

They say an EF4 tornado has the impact of ten tons of TNT. An EF5 (much rarer) the same impact and energy of the atomic bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.

I know this trivia because I wanted to understand it. After the south was rocked by four EF5’s during the 362 tornado outbreak on April 27th 2011.

That’s four atomic bombs 

Along with 358 more 

I knew it was historic 

And I knew about the El Niño years 

How the 2011 year was so different 

I assumed it was climate change,oceanic tempatures upswelling,impacting  the jet stream 

I remember wanting to understand,

How is it we can track a thunderstorm for days

And we only have 13 minutes of lead time for a tornado after we catch the hook echo?

They form in minutes 

And 3 minutes 

Or less

Can change everything if you’re

packing heat at Hiroshima levels

That was the year 

I saw brick homes turned to dust 

Trees splintered through vehicles

Waterhoses through tree trunks 

The view flying over 


The trees laying down like crop circles 

the swirling motion of the storm 

I saw a rose in a vase on a window-seal untouched 

That was the year I helped people

get their grocery list 

Because they just stood there 

Forgetting where they were

That was the year 

We gathered bodies 

Out of pastures 

And trees

That was the year 

Black helicopters 

Flew over 

And some landed 

And some we were told was the President 

But he didn’t land 

Because they said it would

Be better 

At the moment 

If he didn’t 

I don’t know if that was true or not 

That was the year 

I saw people fight 

So they could fill their cars with gas

Because it was rationed 

the year

I started feeling a hook echo in my gut

Whenever someone rattled off religion as an answer to weather 


or world events

That was the year 

I wanted to understand 

Rather than forget 

Today I thought about it 

While I heard a story 

On whether or not 

We should repair our NOAA satellites 

And while someone 

Explains the need for this technology 

Some student sitting in a college class room is showing a flat earth video explaining how all of our satellite   images are fake 

While in another room 

A congressman looking over the budget 


“Why do we even need this NOAA budget? We can just turn on the weather channel.” 

But right here 

It’s April again 

And in 3 minutes or less 

We can run out of lead time again


Bleeding Ink #1067

It’s national poetry month 

Everyone gets so nervous about it being the first of April

Don’t make jokes about suicide 





And all of that is very true 


I get excited about poetry …

About writing 30 for 30 

A poem a day 

About looking again

At the past 

And what inspires me 

To make this a safe space 

An encouraging space 

An escape 

And opening the door for literature 

And excitement 

And poetry

I honestly do not know 

How much fun was made today 

Reality lately has been so much weirder than fiction 

And what we see is not what we heard 

And everyone is speaking in subtitles written with Rose Art by Klingons…

And you know that shit crumbles right off the page 

It is unreliable 


I want to encourage you 

To keep your voice 


When you remain calm 

Even a sentence or a gesture 

Is a hurricane. 

Knowledge is power. 

We used to burn people for looking to the stars. 

Now we measure their distance.

Their light. 

And we study  gravitational waves. 

When turbulence was an issue 

We found a way to fly above the weather


To move forward this month

And this year


We can’t look back 

We are not going that way. 

This first poem in the 30 for 30 

Is for you.