Beagle in the City #232

Ethan: I’m just saying resolutions are made to be broken and everyone initially fails and mid year falls into a depression…

Simon: I’m going to relax more and take it easy.

Ethan: From what? You don’t do anything…

Simon: That’s because I have the same resolution every year.

Ethan: you’re only three years old!

(Fireworks explode)

Garf: Ruuuun, hide, it’s the end of the world! (Cough!) I’m too old for this! Not again!

Ethan: it’s just fireworks guys

Simon: Come on dad we can hide in the dryer. I saw this in a dogumentary!

Ethan: This happens every year guys, since when do you care about fireworks!

Garf: We’re all gonna die!!!

Ethan: come on guys, how about pizza and movies instead?

Simon: Cheesy garlic knots?

This house we build 

How many lists

Against myself

Will I create

With these hands?

This body

Every 12 months


Shows itself

How much it got wrong

How much does anyone really live 

Inside the number 12?

I will not hate

I will not punish

I will not compare

I have too too much

To live for

And too few days

Inside the hours

Inside the minutes

Circling the seconds

Waiting for the sun set

This year

I will create lists 

Of what I love 

I will grow forward

For me 

And for you 

I will mark every part 

Of your body 

That you’ve been told to hate 

With kisses 

And name it my favorite 

Until you understand 

We only have this 

Right now 

We will never be this young again 

Before we know it 

The sun will be setting 

Over another year 

Anther room 

Another list 

Of things we’d change 

But I love all of you 

And I carry you with me 

Everywhere I go 

Even into that sunrise

Where fantasy is better than reality

I don’t want want anything other than the house we build 

Walking together 

Naming our favorite spaces

Our favorite secret places 

And what we did there. 

Year Zero

Because someone
Needs to tell you
You’re not just a resolution
When you carry on
When the walk is gone
When the grades are bad
And the strength is gone

You want to start a fire
You want to take a breath
Don’t be afraid to raise
Your voice
And make history

Because someone needs to tell you
It’s ok to hurt
It’s ok to need
It’s ok to raise your voice
When all the colours are wrong
To paint a masterpiece

Square one

With years against you
The year begins anew
It rolls
And it takes you in
Can you feel the earth
As she settles in
For a long run in a broken wind

It’s coming in
We all push against the wind
And we’re so young!
Still we’re dying
And we’re so old!
With years against us
we’re living dead

On this shore
Breathe it in
live it out
Live for now
Leave all the rest behind .
Can we leave the rest behind ?.