Belle Reine

Hello darling

Remember how

amazing you are



It’s just another day

A handful of hours

Some minutes


But if no one tells you

You should know

You’re amazing

And you’re doing great

Belle Reine (beautiful Queen)

Writer’s Log #2

Ways to keep from burning out. Stay off of social media and FB. 

Take only fifteen minutes a day or at the most an hour to check the news and at that make it good news. The Times or NPR ONE app is good for this. 

Read, and write everyday. Something new. A book or more a week. (Your wife read four this week. You loser.) 

Enjoy yourself. Make good art. Submit things. Lots of things. Every week. 

Take walks. 

Learn something new every week. 

Love Simon. He thinks you’re a god. You never age. He does. And he’s really cool. 

Have fun.