The Genius and Wisdom of Noel Gallagher

Happy Birthday Noel

If I can give you any advice, it’s this: every hour that you spend sat on the couch doing nothing, put it to good use, because when you have kids, an hour is like a lifetime.

“I had a stylist once. She was called mum and when I got to about 11 she got the sack. So no, I don’t have a stylist, and I find people that do have stylists – they’re just squares… Rock stars shouldn’t have stylists. I think it says a lot about you when you have one. You’ve given up. If you can’t dress yourself what are you?” 

“Even then I felt that it was the end of something rather than the beginning. It was the pre-digital age. It was the pre-talent show-reality tv age.

Things meant more.

It was just a great time to be alive.

We were about to enter into celebrity driven culture. And I’ve always thought that it was the last great gathering of the people before the birth of the internet. It’s no coincidence that things like that don’t happen anymore. 20 years ago The biggest musical phenomenon was a band that came from council estate, I just think in the times that we live, it would be unrepeatable. And we should be worried about that. Because where’s it going to be, 20 years from now? ”

– Noel Gallagher – Oasis Supersonic The Documentary.

On playing knebworth ’96 where 2.6 million people applied for tickets, 4% of the population.

James Bond Theme

“I would do it if I was asked. I would do it in a heartbeat. I could do it and it would be great, but I’m not a star and for that you have to be a big star. You have to be someone in America.” 

“We were the first people to come out and say, “The world’s a great place, life is for living. Forget grunge music. Get a pint of Guinness down your neck, and pick that guitar up.”

You can’t afford to think about what might have been. You just be aware of what is.

My first instinct when I write songs is not a negative one. It’s something positive… Everything I’ve ever done has some form of hope in it, I think.

You’ve just got to trust your instincts and realize that you can’t please all the people all the time. You’ve got to please yourself ultimately in the end.


Bleeding Ink #1036

All I need is paper 

And a room with a view 

Some books to read 

And something to drink 

A kitchen is nice 

But I don’t know why I go out 

When I can create 

All that I need 

And when you have a wife 

Who loves you 

You feel like you’ve recreated 

Knebworth in ’96 

2.6 million 

4% of the population 

Saying they choose you 

Before YouTube 

Or FB told them to 

Sometimes I feel like we’re empty 
Where will we be after the digital age? 

I’m an immigrant to this 

Where will we be 20 years from now?


And iCloud’s 

Social groups 

Can you live without this?

All of our drama will pass 

And fade away 

Easily replaced 

But what about what we left behind 

Our songs 

Our music 

Our art 

Our moments 

Locked in passwords 


And iCloud’s 

Selfies inside bathrooms 

instead of kodaks in the pouring rain 

Check your 


See how you are 

Tonight I’m Hemingway

Tennessee Williams 

And Fitzgerald 


I’m angry 

About the Library of Alexandria 


I’m off the grid 

And using paper 


See how we are 

The future 

Torn by the seams 

All this delusion 

is it amusing you

The arms of my wife 

Can’t be replaced 

By a repost 

The way she looks at me 

That tells me she digs me 

Can’t be replaced 

By a thousand likes 

And when she holds my hand

While she reads 

I know 

I’ve found peace 

*knebworth’s music festival of ’96 was the largest turnout in British history hosting over 250,000 two nights in a row. Afterwords they learned they could have held the event for seven days. 2.6 million people had applied for tickets to see Oasis. Over 4% of the population. (Oasis:Supersonic Documentary. 2016) 

Where did it all go wrong?

“You know that feeling you get
You feel you’re older than time
You ain’t exactly sure
If you’ve been away a while

Do you keep the receipts
For the friends that you buy
And ain’t it bittersweet
You were only just getting by

But I hope you know
That it won´t let go
It sticks around with you until the day you die
And i hope you know that it´s touch and go
I hope the tears don´t stain the world that waits outside
Where did it all go wrong?”
Great lyric by Noel Gallagher

Watch the acoustic video for this below

I’ve had this song stuck in my head
For a couple days now
Depression is not new to me
So when a friend text me
Asking for advice on what to say
Regarding self harm
And suicide ….
To help a friend of theirs
I just ….
I suddenly related
Just be honest give them your heart
Let them know you care
Really care
People can see through fake
I’ve struggled with depression
I’ve struggled with suicide
And fear of just becoming
Another male in our family who commits the act
I’ve fought that
I know that darkness
So love
And understanding
And raw vulnerability
Is the answer
People don’t need fake
They need honest
And that is expensive
But still
Life throws us hope
There is hope
It’s not all dark
We are both
Light and dark
Good and bad
And you have to accept that some people
Talk a lot
And say very little
They take more than they give
They will hurt you
They will not be able to see your heart or feel it
Even when you place it
In their hands
Will be hurt
They will be reckless
But these people
Have their own story
Is the answer
Compassion is the answer
Boundaries are the answers
It is still better to
Be you
And feel deeply
Love deeply
Rather than trade your depth
For shallow waters

Don’t become bitter
Don’t give up your story
Hang in there
I don’t have the answers
I only know
That we grow into ourselves
And you should never
Be ashamed of your story
And this song
It’s been on mind
So I thought I’d share it