Hid away

the yellow room

cold concrete

sun won’t talk with the moon today

The stars still hide

Because they saw your face

eyes still burn

Looking in

Cold hearted devil…

Overcast, my soul

My strength just turns away

Ash in my lung

Coals on my tongue

Walk me to the end of the road

Where we buried letters

all of our secrets

The dirt crumbles

Dry in your hands

I still keep them

And our names

And what we do

Just fades…

Remember me

Moons (30 for 30)

And the sky moves quicker than my breath,

She woke up feeling older

how do you know,

Where the flowers go when the snow falls?

Only that they return in spring…

And the shadows fall

Filling these empty halls

Can we fix these broken things?

She said all her hope was gone

All her heart was wrong

I sat there waiting

maybe it all comes back around

And if it’s not when you feel it should be


Some, things, love

Always the strong things …



in the moonlight

And the daylight won’t know who you are …

But at night

Under the stars

In the quiet

You will feel your heart heal

And your strength grow

To love her…

If you like it straight no chaser…

Love a nurse 

What most humans 

Experience inside war 

A nurse may just 

Experience every single day…

She may not tell you every riveting detail 

She may lay down and wrap your arms around her until she falls asleep …

She may go quiet

But you will know 

You will feel it 

her hands 

Holding yours tightly 

They’ve been there

She’s felt life and death 

And she’s been elbow deep in it 

Holding this – fighting for this- our fragmented pieces 

The worst days of our lives 

She knows better than most 

The price of addiction

She knows better than most 

It rains on everyone 

She knows 

She’s fought for it 

Until her body aches 

Until the sweat won’t run 

So hold her 

Love her 


Kiss her like it’s your first and last  time 

Every time 

She’s straight  no chaser 

But she’s exactly what you want by your side 

She knows how to fight 

For you

She knows 


Love her 

Keep her 

Fight for her 

Stand for her


She will love you 

With furious passion 


To be brought here 

It is such an honor 

So why not make it life 

Love a nurse 


She’s right there…
Right there
And I know
I could walk over
I could kiss her
I could say words
I’ve said before
I could be
More of this
Less of that
And she would say
“Well that’s fine”
I could use the ocean as ink
The earth like parchment
She would find words
On every building
Behind every wallpaper
Pieces of me
only to say
“I don’t really understand art”
She had me at a place
That I’ve never been before
And I could easily empty myself
But it’s only words
For her …
Words are only words
And nothing ever works
And there’s all these excuses
And I could easily walk over to her
She’s right there
And I am right here
But we’re
Different plains
Two people
One room
Different seasons
A gap between us
Filling with water
But only one of us
Are drowning

From the other side

I wish I could tell you words
That move the best of me
You stand there
hand on my heart
Reaching for the pieces I hide
But I can’t just let you in

And I have never ever
Felt like this before
I have never run so far
But I didn’t have to stay here
I didn’t have to carry this so far
I didn’t have to break down
And you didn’t leave me
After all

You say
You really love
the lost
The hopeless
Forget about
The misplaced
Almost perfect

You are jealous
And I’m running out of time
You want all of me
Or nothing
And you said
You’d find me
You’d call me
But you won’t wait forever

And I can’t seem to
Find the words to set myself free
And I can’t seem to unlock the best of me

I see
Shadows when I sleep
I see
The rest of me
That you won’t love
I see
My confusion
Did I get lost on this?
Did you come back to touch this?
Did you

You said
You won’t wait forever
And I didn’t have to stay here
I didn’t have to settle
I didn’t have to burnout
But I can’t seem to find
The words
To unlock the best of me
I know
Your hand on my heart
Your eyes
They burn through me

the rest of me
I can see
You want the rest of me
All of me
Or nothing
All of these edges cut deep
As your eyes burn through me