Perfect places

Let it be comforting to know
The same rays of light
You see racing across the night sky
The same light
Burning from the sun
Is burning in your eyes
We are older than “perfect”
Perfect things
And perfect places

Go out
Be you
Broken and whole
Go out and be good.


There was a time That men 

wrote the bible 

Before it was translated 

14,000 different times 

Into what we now know 

As the King James 

Maybe they didn’t 

think anything about it 

Maybe it was just letters 
And there were slave owning men 


Heard amazing grace 

From their fields 

And wrote it down 

To sing in their churches 

They also 

Wrote the laws 

Wrote the movement 

“All men are created equal”

But it took one man 

William Wilberforce 

To really believe it 

And reform it  


We prayed

 in the tongues

 of gods and men 
And somehow 

we forgot our women 

And we forgot how to love 

And we have the scars to prove it….

But can we rest now?

Can we breathe?

Can we walk 



Can we rest?

Maybe no one ever told you


You don’t have to be perfect 

To be here

You are you

And you are important 

And you have something worth staying for