Beagle in the City #24

 Simon: My first spring! 

Simon: I sniffed flowers… 

Ethan: What kind of flower is that? 

Simon: This? This is poop 

Ethan: Simon!!

Ethan: We also played catch…

Simon: I’m a great catcher!  
Simon: and then I chased a bee and a butterfly! 

Ethan: Did you get’em? 

Simon: I caught the butterfly and then I let him go. 

Ethan: …

Simon: it was such great day

Beagle in the City #17

Simon: I don’t want to say it…

Ethan: well just smile then 

Simon: But people will see 

Ethan: they always see 

Simon: yeah but this is Valentine’s Day…

Simon : ok ok …

Simon : ….

Simon: Happy Valentine’s Day mom  

Ethan: and?

Simon: Oh and we love you.   

Ethan: hey, today is Valentine’s Day…

Simon: I love love.  

Ethan: are you sad? 

Simon: I’m just glad I was adopted by you guys. We got mom flowers and went to see her at work. 

Ethan: you helped me write letters too. 

Simon: oh yeah that was fun too. 


Simon: adopt and spay and neuter. Don’t shop. We love spending the holidays with you!
For more information on adoption 

Look Here 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Beagle in the City

Hello,Person! My name is Simon. I’m a beagle mix…I don’t know what that means. But I have the EARS. Everyone says that anyway,but then everyone also says “that’s a Jack Russell Terrier.Yeah that’s a Jack Russel Terrier.” 

And then dad shows mom this picture and says in a gruff voice 

“Oh yeah,he’s a Jack Russel Terrier”


I’m Adopted  and so dad thinks I’m half Pointer. Not because of my legs either. But because one night I had   diarrhea and pounced on his face to wake him up pointing to the door. 

I just really had to go. So I was focused.

I like to collect things. Especially when our pack goes walking. Anything is collectable. And can be added to the pile behind the tree in our yard.

Things of value include 





Water bottles!

And sticks

I don’t know about cats 

I don’t see many 

Just a few 

I think they must be from a different kind of pack 

I boxed one once but I really wanted his fish toy.There were 4 cats that day. How did I do that? When did I learn to count? Anyway.  The black cat looked at me when I walked in and just sat down. She said. “Don’t eat that. Everything doesn’t go in your mouth. Slow down.” 

But I couldn’t calm down 

I don’t have hands !! Everything goes in my mouth.

So when I ate it.the fish with catnip.she just looked at the wall and said 

“Well,now I have 4 hours cleared off my schedule for today…it’s ok…you keep it.”

That was also the day I boxed with a kitten. But then he stuck his head in my mouth and looked at the other cats  “taa daa!!” 

All the other dogs in our big big den hate the mailman. I don’t know why,they bring my persons food. And boxes and then I get to watch them cook! And tear up the boxes. 

Don’t tell anyone 

But I also hunt giraffes. 

There are a lot of giraffes around here too. 

But it’s ok. 

I’m working on it.

I’ve got this. 

Well, I have to take a nap now. 

And wake up mom!

Bye person! 

To find out more about adopting a pet visit A new leash on life