Hold those thoughts

That keep me away

While the lights

Echo my lonely fears

In the streets tonight


They say the world

Keeps changing everyday

But I wake in the night

I feel the same


Maybe we’re so much older

Maybe we’re so much younger

Maybe we’ve been here before

Pour me a drink

Don’t let me go


The summer is coming

These clouds won’t stay so grey

We can’t live out our hopes and dreams inside yesterday’s

Writer’s Log

I’m tired

We’re all tired

It’s a month in

Driving home through GA

The interstate was clear like thanksgiving ….

No, like the Iron Bowl

I’m glad for this mountain, this space…

But we have no real timeline

How is this sustainable ?

Maybe I’m just tired

I’m having a very different experience than most people

Being on the front lines if you will…

I just want to sleep


And write

If I could

I would drink and fuck my way through this but I can’t

And I already know I wouldn’t

I’m a giver

And I’m concerned

And I can’t sleep

It’s a month in

When all of this is over

They will open the bars

And the restaurants

The theatres

You won’t be able to get a seat

Then i will go into quarantine

And I will sleep

I will vacation at my home in the mountains

I will write

And I will sleep

When this is over

I will kiss you

And I will see you

Things that don’t suck

When you’re Stuck inside

You can feel lonely

But you’re not alone

Here’s a list of things that don’t suck

When the universe is calling us to unplug and slow down

Reminding us what is important

Things that don’t suck

Hand written letters







Making out



Reading together


Sitting in the sun with your cat


You and I


Sharing space

Walking together

2020 Graffiti

Floating in the water

Snow falls against the skin

The dogs run along the river


The earth, the sky

Can you make it ?

The machines have been here for

As long as time

Can you find yourself

Silence your mind

Find your heart beat

Find the earth

What do you hear?

Pull from that

What darkness

Have we seen

They said he drowned in the river

They said he overdosed

They said the demons came back

They said

I feel my soul being ripped in half

I can’t sleep

I find myself there in the river

Ice cold water

I see the stars

I hear your name

I am grateful

Breaking points

You walked through my heart

Like Elizabeth Taylor

Your redhair


You commanded

My attention

What else was I suppose to do

I couldn’t live

Without loving you

Live without

We all lived

Now I’m dying


I still find pieces of you

Pieces of me

Of us

Inside all my notebooks

Mexican takeout Scribbled

I try to order the write


Hoping to bring them together

But I know

I know