Beagle in the City #229

Simon: what is it?

Ethan: it’s the new porch Cat.

Simon: I’ve never seen one so close before! I thought you were just make believe tales!

Garf: Cat! Kill it! Bark! Bark! (Cough! Hack ! weez!)

Cat: Hello dumb dumb. Be a good dumb dumb and lie down. Good boy.

Simon: My name is SIMON and I am a shelter dog, this is my parents, they adopted me. That’s mom and that’s dad. I like grass, do you like grass? You’ve probably seen lots of grass and sticks. Do you like to dig? I saw a bird yesterday, it was pretty cool.

Cat: you’re funny, I saw a bird today,

Simon: really! Maybe it was the same

Cat: and then I killed it.

Simon: wha…why .. why…

Garf: Haaack! Cough! I told you, they are evil. We have to kill them all. Before you know it they get moved inside and you’re on the streets!

Simon: Oh that would never happen. I sleep under covers and with a pillow…

Garf: What! I thought you had a cage..

Simon: I mean, I sleep in my crate, because it’s my crate, and no one else’s crate. it’s practically my favorite place to be.

Cat: you’re both prisoners. You get that right?

Garf: We get three meals a day!

Cat: oh, you mean, like a prisoner?

Garf: Kibbles and water! Sounds like Thangs Givings to me!


Letters to a Nurse #18

maybe the past has a way of reminding us

We’re not that far from who we used to be

I just wanted to say

Thank you for loving me

You’re a good nurse

A good friend

And when I’m with you

I feel so lucky

And when I’m not with you

I miss you…

I miss you…

The bed is empty without you here

Champagne can only do so much

I miss talking with you

Someone should really

Tell the others

What marriage is really like

How you have to grow

The unspoken rules

What you find yourself carrying

And how we change

no one else will do

Not a soul in a room

There’s only you…

Beagle in the City #222

Ethan: Hold on guys let me get an umbrella out of the car. It’s pouring down rain, I know how much you hate to go in the rain.

Ethan: Simon, wait, get out of the car. We’re not going anywhere. I just had to get the umbrella.

Simon: No, no, and nope. It’s raining out there. I’m fine right here.

Ethan: I have to take Garf out.

Garf: Hey, what are you doing in the car? Are we going for a ride?

Ethan: No. we are not going for a ride. We are going to the bathroom.

Garf: Oh good, because I get the worst gas when I go on car rides.

Ethan: Just go to the bathroom.

Simon: You guys go ahead, I’ll just sit right here. I’m fine.

Ethan: Simon! Get out of the car. Come on.

(Simon jumps to the back. Then to the front. Ethan opens the drivers door. Simon jumps to the passenger seat. And so it goes)

Ethan: I’m going to leave you here. I have to bring Garf in. So don’t pitch a fit and cry when I leave.

Simon: I’m good.

Ethan: Fine. But this was your choice.

Garf: It’s ok, I know the way I can take myself. It’s through the big door. And then you’re home.

Ethan: which door?

Garf: The door. It’s just the one door.

Ethan: Every door doesn’t bring you home buddy.

Garf: What…

Ethan: Ok Simon, you win, you want to go with me to get gas?

Simon: Ok lets do this. Floor it dad.

Beagle in the City #220

Ethan: Good lord, none of my pants fit anymore. Are you kidding me! I have got to work out.

Garf: Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve gotten fat too. We’re not as young as we used to be.

Ethan: I’m still young.

Garf: I remember once in ’97

Ethan: you weren’t here back then…

Simon: What’s a ’97 dad?

Ethan: Oh god.

Simon: Dad, you know what would make you feel better? A couple of cheeseburgers and some tator tots. Maybe some ice cream.

Ethan: No from now on, We’re eating healthy.

Garf: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Before we all get motivated, and start changing things. Maybe we should take a nap first. I always take naps first.

Simon: Naps!


All the versions

Of ourselves

We try to forget

And you struggle to remember

How you got here

And all the awkward


You held so tight

The connotations

The invitations

The desperate flight

They are all suddenly

Sand in a jar

Soon to be



Gone in the wind

And suddenly

We are older

And trying to remember

How many steps forward we made

And to all of the steps back

Hoping we have enough time

To climb back up again….


All the flowers grow

At night


The roots

Grow deep

And we are not saints

The dust doesn’t just stick

To our shoes

In the morning light

It’s behind our eyes

It’s in our lungs

And we have the cough to prove

Maybe I’m not a poet

But I see you across the room

Hair fire red

tougher than the rest

A fast machine

When the lights go out

The moon in your eyes

Giving the wolves

A reason to scream

You’ll make me believe –

But that’s not why I’m here

Because 6 out of ten nights

I just want to be close to you

And I’ll walk the line

This isn’t us against the world

You’re the only world I’ll ever need

As long as you love me

I’d walk with you

Every night

And we would wait as the gardens grow

And the earth is reborn

Photo origin – Ethan Bethune

Bleeding Ink #1206

Three hundred thousand miles

And the meter runs …

Dust on your shoes

The dreams


You’re building –

The weight

You carry –

This old house

Gets so worn down

It’s morning


You feel

You’re already

Out of time –

Feel the weight on your


Feel the darkness cloud the sky

A hundred days of rain

And it’s alright –

Image origin unknown