Hand on my heart
Small towns
Big windows
Heavy skies
Her heart
My eyes
We always say
“What you see is what you get…”
“What you get them with is what you will have to keep them with…”
I only know how to be me …
Whatever the hell that is these days
We all know
What hurt sows
She knows
Where I’ve been
Why I’m running
We know
Emory and heavy skies
Empty rooms
Hearts that stop beating
We remember
All of our younger days
It’s just a dream that keeps on dreaming
Keeps on building
Home and strength
I know ….
I know….
I know
These mountains keep on running
Memory and rain
Through this dark fog of a mind
This one life I have
And all that we’ve found
Maybe it’s a day late
All of these streets
Are broken down
And all
That we used to call ours
Gets stripped away
And the loose ends
Are frayed
It’s just memory
Drunken hearts
It’s just me
Standing still
Her hand on my heart
Telling me she knows
She knows
Where I came from
And why I’m running
Keep on running
‘Cause no one ever comes
To these welfare states to
bail us out …..

Her hand on my heart
Small towns
Big windows
Heavy skies
Her heart
My eyes
We always say …

the promise

We were young
Outgunning ourselves
like we had endless chances
But we had so much more on the line

Just these hungry hearts
And time …

Tossing them aside like used cigarettes

Now we’re on the other side

Afraid to talk about our mental health
Still outgunning the shadows on the wall
Useless for love
Useless for time

I’m not asking if you have a 500 horsepower dream
I’m just asking
Have you ever held a heart in your hands
You thought for sure would keep beating…

I’m asking

Have you ever lost …
With restless legs
Trying to get to sleep

Fists full of rage and years

And I’m not promising
I’ll never make you cry
We all have our dark horse days

I’m just promising
I’ll give you the best that I am
No matter what comes
No matter what’s been dealt
At the end of the day
In the arms
You will be held

And I know
We are no tougher than anyone else
And I know
Some years are hell
At the end of the day
It’s in these arms
That you will be held ….

The suicide

Look at the moon
The way we suicided
It wasn’t romantic
Or dead poetic
It was fires cut short
Not even burned at both ends
It was Saturday nights
That should have never ended
Look at how we struggled against the rope
Look at how we knew all the words
To our favorite poets
But forgot the simple
Sunday morning
With you
Eggs and bacon
Bloody Mary for the hangover
I am here
Not just for
To help see you through
Not just to get through
I want to see you win
You are loved
You are love
You are living
And living things may fall
But they also grow
And they takeover
They break through
They overcome
It may always be here
Like the darkness between stars
Let this be part of your bigger portrait
Your sun is burning
And you can overcome


We can wait on tomorrow
We could wait on a perfect moment
There’s no second chances
Out here
Where the mud
And the tires
And the work
Take every last muscle
You thought you had on reserve
Oh god
They said
We had one last bet
One room for mercy
But there’s no mercy
Out here
In these welfare states
No one ever stays

Who is to blame ?
Don’t we all have something to reach For
Don’t we all have something to run from
Haven’t we all been broken down
Kicked around
Bruised again while we were down
Don’t we all have a need for something
Something more
Than just wasting away
Babe I’ve got a need
A need for something more
Than just wasting away
It’s a shot that’s worth the take

You can too

Take away your gym selfies
All that you leave behind
Your girls night out
Your pursed lips
Your perfect guy
That you can dream
You can be the CEO
Of not only your life
But your dreams
You can kick the ceiling
Break through
You can reach the sky
You can too
You can too
Let it all be put to rest
The question of
Your worth
Let every daughter
Let every wife
Let every woman
Who was kicked around
Beaten bruised
Held back
Pushed down
Let them know
Their worth
And accept nothing less
Let them know
They can too
They can too


You are
A number on a scale
Body mass
The hardness of your dick.
The fit of your shirt
The measure of your hairline
The balance of your bank account …

You are
Your word
Your thoughts
Your loyalty
Your character
Your ethic
Your legacy
Your wit
Your grit
Don’t buy what they are selling …
Don’t hate what they are selling
Don’t even consider it…
It’s just their job…
That’s what they do …

But you
A man
A father
A son
A husband
A brother
A human citizen
And you

You adapt to change
Like an Olympic athlete
And you run this race
Your race
And you have a cloud of
Witnesses watching
Cheering you on…
You are what you love
And how you love
You are hands that build
A legacy.