It’s ok to relax

It’s ok to enjoy

It’s ok to just lie here

Resting your head on me

What would happen if the earth

Tried too hard to take in the rain?


Rest your body

And your mind

Tell me your favorite


Tell me nothing at all

I’ll sing to you

And run my hands through your hair

And read to you,until you fall asleep


You are not some
Force to be dealt with
You are flesh and bone
I cannot lie
I have to stop
Just so I can look back
We will learn what it is to be human
Some days we’ll live
Some days we’ll laugh
Others we’ll cry

Sometimes I’m weak

Sometimes I’m strong

Others I just barely have enough

We will live to lose all the love we’ve held….

So I hope you understand
After our kiss and long good byes
I will always – always – look back

Origin unknown

Yesterday’s sun

Be easy

Be gentle

And soft

She’s like the sunrise

The full moon

The water is soft

And she pulls all of my aching

Bones back in

And I struggle

Because this is difficult for me

I shouldn’t need help

But she’s there again

In the morning

And we find a rhythm

of keeping eachother

Soft and gentle

The world is harsh

And sharp edges

Be soft

Oh heart

Your love can still endure

I speak to you in poetry

I write to you in French

I look at you with pain in my eyes

Because of things I’ve seen

But I will try to be vulnerable

And soft

And home

Where you can rest

You cannot live on yesterday’s sunrise

So I will meet each day



You don’t need me for this one…
But I was thinking about it
And I kept thinking about it
This weekend as I was observing people and listening to their stories and conversations …

I saw how often we apologise
Or explain ourselves….

So here we are…
This is not a poem about 2020
Because, I don’t have to tell you, we won’t always be here, our lives move far beyond this year…
This is about you…
You don’t have to explain yourself
You don’t have to make excuses,
You are not a poem
Your body does not fit inside the margins
You are not a school dress code
You are a woman
And you can stand for equality
And still wear makeup
Or don’t
You are still a woman
You can start your own business
You can wear lingerie and lipstick only for your partner
Because it turns them on
And still stand for equality

Have sex when you want

Lose your virginity when you want

Wear the dress, the shorts,

Because it makes you feel good

It doesn’t make you any less
You can work out just for you
You can date a girl
You can dress up or dress down
And you can do whatever you want and whatever makes you feel good about yourself
Do it for you…
You don’t need me to write this poem, I know that, but I grew up with sisters and all of my best friends were women
And I just noticed how we often hesitate and feel ashamed about ourselves,and feel like we are not doing our best…and we are not authentic somehow…
But the truth is …
You don’t have to be the same person you were five years ago
Or two minutes ago
And the same things may not even turn you on …
The same clothes
The same food
The same job
You can change
You can grow
That’s what life is
Even Nora Ephron said,
You may write down today
That you are a mother
And five years from now
Write down that you are a writer …
So remember
Being a feminist
Standing for equality
Being a human
Does not have to look a certain way …
You are more than all of those receipts and labels …
You are more than this poem …
You are – You- a woman- a life – a piece of the universe – walking among us…

Most of all

You are your own …

Fully completely your own


Maybe there’s a moment

Maybe there’s a chance

Maybe there’s an open road

Where you can

Drive to rest


I know you’ve been here before

I know you watched all the leaves

Let go

A silent pain

Finally relieved

Quiet like poetry

Behind closed eyes


And if I am that broken

Just sweep me to the side

I will come back

In the winter

With the snow and ice

After the mud and rain

When everything is new


And maybe even I

Won’t recognise myself


I won’t remember

This pain

This lonely



There is a moment


There is a chance

Early in the morning

When the light is just right

The mountains let go

Of the trees

And all of their bleeding hearts

Change colour

A silent pain

Finally relieved

Quiet like poetry

I write

Behind my closed eyes


I’m building a dream
All shot out
This year is just a paragraph in the novel of our lives
We’ve lived for politics
And war
Dead presidents
I’m not afraid of your doomsday clock
I’m building a dream
red dress
Diamond eyes
She’s moonlight on water
You can still hold moonlight
You can still
Live for art
You can finish the poem
You can dream
You don’t have to be what
They said you were
Moonlight on water
Diamond eyes
This is your life
This is your time