Beagle in the City #244

Simon: Every day, dad comes home on lunches, and we go to the outside. It’s great. We play for days.

Ethan: You realize, it’s only one hour. And most people actually get to eat on their lunch.

Garfunkel: Well I’m just a starvin’ marvin, just a starvin’ marvin, I ain’t eat in three whole days!

Ethan: What are you singing? What is this?

Garfunkel: what if we all go and get sammiches.

Ethan: How about peanut butter and you guys go to the bathroom like you’re supposed to. I’m about to have to leave.

Simon: Whaaat what do you have left, a week, three days? Is it 57 minutes! No not the minutes! They are so sad!

Ethan: that’s it, I’m leaving. I’m never coming back. I’ll send you a postcard.

Garfunkel: Wait for me! Bum bum dum dum starvin’ marvin…


Paper Fences

And this is just where I came in

Our cities burning

Broken words

Defined by the way we were

Filling the skies

But right now we are

Paper white picket fences

uptown state

Just dreams held on to

so far out

off sight

Tucked away

We both know

The lies we tell

The day we make

The pain we take

The bad bill we have to pay

Put off till another day

What kind of life is –

What kind of lie is –

What kind of love

Is this?

Would you stay with me,

If I told you the truth

Would you be a little bit closer

Oh I would be here for you

I would that I could

Get close to you


She says

She knows

You carry yourself

She says

She knows

He says

He pays the price

They both get theirs

Out of site

Out of mind

And she says

How can you choose what stays and what we give away?

The revelation

For any paradise …utopia

There must be a final solution

For all of us misfits



Paper white picket fences

Caught in the wind and rain

She hears the drums

Drumming out

She plays her soul out loud

In the daylight

Too late for repeal

Too fast for dreaming

It’s time for freedom

It’s time for soul

It’s time to shake it out

She’s cast her chains to the ground

Oh sunrise

The tide is coming in

Oh life

The earth is breathing now

I would

That I could

Get close to you…

Letters to a Nurse 19

It’s light here

This space

We’ve made together

It’s light here

Our backs against the weather

what we have

We’ve made

Against the winter

Against the night

This space

Just for us….

Adulthood may be dark

The future of our discontent

But right here

At home

Right in the now

This moment


the ingredients

For all our tomorrows

Quickly becoming yesterday

It’s light

With you

It’s always light

In mid November

Leaves on the ground


gray sun

First frost

It’s warm

It’s light

It’s Home

Ethan Bethune

Beagle in the City #165

Simon: Dear doggy journal. Today, was the best today in the history of today.  I saw,  a truck that had nothing but donuts!  It has to be the greatest job in the history of job. 

I know what I’m going to be when I go out and get job. I’m going to be Donut Beagle. And drive my very own truck. I can’t believe dad did not tell me this is a job. But he does yell at me when I take his donuts…more like…do-nots!  

Beagle in the City #163

Ethan: it’s almost your birthday. You won’t be a puppy anymore. You’ll be two. What are your plans? You’re not going to move out or anything? Smoke some cigars, borrow the car…

Simon: I’ve decided to grow a beard, dad. Check it out. I’m way more serious now. Do you see it?

Ethan: What? Who’s this old dog talking to me? Where is Simon? My puppy?

Simon: Dad.

Ethan: What have you done?? Who are you?

Beagle in the City #161

Simon:  My Mom is the best at naps. Sometimes, I try and beat her at it, but I get distracted a lot. She doesn’t even move when I touch her shoulder, like I do with dad. She must have practiced so hard. 

Every morning, she takes hair from my tail, and messes with dad. That’s when he slaps his face in his sleep. I try and fight her off. But then we fight the mighty snake dragon…with its five shiny heads. Just when I almost get it…it changes back to her hand. I think she’s a magician. 

She has the best dog friends, 

I’m so glad she got me from the shelter…

Little Bit: And that Vet, they wanted to give me the Senior Physical. Can you believe that, I’m just a puppy. How long have we known each other? Ten years? Seven years? Really,  I am astonished. And they call themselves professionals. Hey, Simon, look at that rabbit. Do you have those in the City? 

 I Don’t know why you got this little beagle. He’s so annoying  and he never listens. He doesn’t even chase rabbits. Just stands out there smelling flowers. 

Simon: Are you a flower? I’m a beagle.  

Little Bit: But I guess he’s ok. And your guy is ok too. He has a nice beard. And it’s nice when he sings to me.  As long as you’re happy. And remember, you’re always my girl. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Adopt don’t shop