Beagle in the City #39

Ethan: Ok,today’s the day. 

Simon: Ah,Yes. I got to go to the Vet. I got to sample frozen yogurt. I got some potato chips and peanut butter. 

Ethan: Today is bath day.

Simon: ((sneezes))  Oh gosh, I’m sick from running in the rain. I guess I can’t have a bath today. That would be bad for my nose. 

Ethan: it barely rained. You didn’t even get wet. 


I can’t walk
You know
The way you
Want me to
And I can’t breathe
In and out
In time

Of events
in my side

I keep my eyes
for daylight

And all my heart
Keeps looking
For running water
Like a ship
Stranded on the high

I’m looking for
Some of you
I’m looking
For a hurricane
They said
“Hurt is like a hurricane ”

But I’d trade
For The drenching rain


On a day
When it’s raining
You have no one
To call
And no one
Has called you

If you think of me
You can call

Your number is still in my phone
Saved there

We will be older
More intentional
If you want it
You will do it

Our hands won’t shake
We won’t be burdened
With other people’s

Or our false sense
Of reality
The rain will be rain
It will fulfill it’s purpose
Simply by falling
And I will still love you
Because that is my purpose
To love you
It’s what I’m good at
It’s what I want
And all I know

On a day
When it’s raining
And you have no one else to call
And we are all older
And no one has called you
You can call me


Make it rain

She looked at me
And said
“You’re different”
What? I’m taller
“No,you’ve changed”
I grew up
Everyone goes through things
That makes it hard to go back to the way we were
“I just want to shoot a gun”
I just want to pour my soul out and not worry about the mess I’ve made…
“What ?”
Hmmm? Oh it’s just a quote
I can’t remember who said it…
You want to see something really great ?
There’s a place at the top of the mountain
You can see every star
I mean every-one

” do you really feel that way?”
What way?
“About pouring out your soul?”
” ….”
“Then I have to go”
“I can’t stay”
I know…


1 thing

I’ve missed you
I can’t say how
Or why
But I’ve missed
in my arms
The smell of flowers in your hair
And your kiss
I’ve missed
falling asleep all at once on the phone
and snoring …
the way you softly talk in your sleep
I’ve missed that
chasing the sun
With your ray bands
Driving my car at night
dancing as victor
Because I can’t see for the lights
warming my hands in your sweater
attempting to be tall
You see
It’s not one thing
It’s all these little things
That make a beautiful
Girl I know
And I’m missing her
I just thought you should know .

District 11

He sits in the corner at the back of the bus

Dreading the cold rain outside

a tv in the corner flashes static

some Political add

isn’t strange everyone wants your vote

everyone says you’re important

but no one cares to get to know you

he’s worked for the District  most of his life

occupying a small apartment

he’s been more or less a shadow used to track down those who leave ….

but who can blame them

he’s getting tired

he’s feeling – feeling


Tonight they’ll cut the power ….for 42 minutes…raid a few buildings

ship off the ones that don’t belong…

those that have fled from less desirable  – harsher – districts

funny how no one seems to miss them when the lights come up

good at what he does

he takes pride in it

if he gets you

it’s as if you were never born

swiped from the system

But tonight here on this mold eaten drafty bus

head resting against the window

he watches the rain beat down this depressing city

he feels old, and very alone

the bus lurches ,  a shift in the gravity

this is his stop

all  the lights go down  as he steps off

pulling  his collar  up against the driving rain

he begins what he does best…..