Beagle in the City#66

Simon: Dad! Why are you in the floor? Are you ok? What’s the number for 911!!

Ethan: Hey…

Simon: Hold on dad! I’m calling mom to get the number. . .yes, Hospital? Put mom on. 

Ethan: Simon. I’m fixing this drawer on the bed.  See?

 Simon: What. . . gee dad,You sure lead an exciting life. 

Simon: What’s under this bed anyway? I bet it’s monsters. Hey, there’s my ball. Hello ball. 

Ethan: if you get stuck again I’m not helping you.

Beagle in the City #45

Simon: Dogue…

Ethan: You do realize, this  will never be a thing… 

Simon: Shhh, You have to sell it dad. You’re not selling it.

Ethan: who even reads Dogue

Simon: I don’t know,Cat’s mostly.  

  Ethan: oh my god  
Simon: Hey, is that chili in the crock pot? 

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