Beagle in the City #144

Simon: Hack! Cough! Gag! 

(Spits up) 

Simon: Ewww that’s disgusting. 

(Rolls in it) 

Ethan: What are you doing!!! Get up!! 

Simon: !!!

Ethan: What is wrong with you?

Simon: I don’t know,dad. I’m not even two yet…

Ethan: Oh my god… well now it’s bath time…

Simon: Nooo! Why does this KEEP happening OVER and OVER! 

Ethan: calm down crazy it’s been a week. 

Beagle in the City #132

Ethan: Uhm yes, hello. This is Ethan. My dog,the idiot, Simon. He ate five  Hershey kisses. Do I need to do anything? 

Vet: Did he eat the wrappers? 

Ethan: No. no, I don’t think he liked those. 

Vet: Was it milk chocolate or dark?

Ethan: milk with almonds 

Vet: (laughs) ok ok he should be ok. Just monitor him for a few hours, he might get a little sick to his stomach but he should be ok. 

Ethan: Thank you. 

Simon: Hey, dad, how about some more of those chocolates. Those are delicious. 

Ethan: You- you – idiot 

Simon: (under the table) It’s ok. You can just package them for me instead. Like a present. 

Ethan: I’ll show you a present. You scared me half to death.

 Simon:  Seems a bit drastic but ok.  (You can never be too agreeable when your human is emotional) 

Beagle in the City #123

Simon: Hey dad! Mom won’t answer my question. I think it’s because she doesn’t smart like you 

Ethan: I’m sorry. Run that by me again? 

Simon: Mom told me to ask you what doggie cancer is.

Ethan: Nope! (Grabs jacket to leave room.) 

Simon: What! Can I eat it? Do you not know? Let’s look it up! 

Ethan: Nope I can’t. I’m late for my underwater breathing excercises. I sure hope today is piranha day! 

Beagle in the City #104

Simon: The decorations look great dad! Go up one more I’ll spot you. 

Ethan: Simon, if I fall on you, you die. 

Simon: Good point. I’ll get mom. 

Ethan: Don’t just leave me up here! Simon!

Simon: I didn’t want to tell you guys. But the spirit of Christmas has got to me. 

Ethan: is this a ghost story? Because I have to prepare myself…

Simon: I got you a present not a ghost. I know it’s early. But it’s round and it’s green and it definitely doesn’t bounce but it fits under the couch!

Ethan: ….

Simon: Ok it’s a ball! I got you a BALL!

Ethan: You’re not supposed to tell us what it is,man. 

Simon: I better show you how to use it, you can put it in your mouth and carry it around. Or throw it across the room…go ahead and try it.

Beagle in the City #65

Simon: This isn’t going to look good on your polls, dad. You kind of look like a thermometer…

Ethan: it’s not as bad as it looks…

Simon: Can I touch it?

Ethan: Don’t touch it, agh!!

Simon: How did this happen again?

Ethan: We went to the beach while you were at grandmas. 

Simon: Wait a minute…whaaaat?

Ethan: Now smile…

Beagle in the City #2


It’s national Adopt a Shelter Pet Month.

I know I’m a little guy. 

But I was a shelter pet.

Left in a ditch. 

I love my new pack family

And hunting stuffed Giraffes 

So thanks!

for all you do when you adopt a pet.

And remember the seniors like Lester! They are great feet warmers and love just as much as us little guys. 

  (Learn more about adopting)

Lester has been with the shelter for 6 years! (That’s like …six and a half of my entire lives) 

So remember…

“Adopt don’t shop!”