Beagle in the City #30


It was a dark night. My pack went out to do our walk. An extra walk. I knew it was a bad idea. There was bad energy. 


I was weary of the music…and food  
There was a lot of good smells and cars and persons  

Everyone was nice and smiled and waved. Like persons do. Like my mailman and pack. But it was still dark. 

That’s when I sensed it. The other wolf.  He jumped dad and started attacking him… I moved in and saved him, I had it by the throat….

Ethan: Whoa whoa what? Slow down Vincent Price. You were excited to meet this dog. All like hello friend! and then he jumped you

Simon: I was soooo scared. I almost died. 

Ethan: I was scared too,buddy. 

Simon: I was brave though,right Dad? A fierce protector.

Ethan: Yes, even while you were trying to climb up my leg.

Simon: Why didn’t he like me? I was just walking. I wanted to say hi and show him my person. 

Ethan: I don’t know, buddy. But you know you don’t have to say hi to everybody. You control who you meet. Everyone isn’t going to be nice to you though. And I wish I could tell you why. The world is strange. I’m so so sorry. 

Simon: Thanks Dad. Hey, scratch my ear. I wanna nap. Mom says those fix everthything. 

Ethan: Hey, I’m proud of you.