Why I’m leaving social media


I’ve always believed in creating a safe space where everyone and anyone
is welcome to escape and read
Be encouraged or cry and learn…
An ad free space (until this year) at Regardingsamuel.com
I always thought about our library trips growing up and wanted to re create that feeling.

After several weeks of considering my options and goals with several friends and reading several articles from other artist…

I’m announcing my departure from all platforms of social media starting in September.
This will include but not be limited to
Fb, instagram and twitter.

While I’ve utilized free platforms (as far back as tumblr)

It’s just not the same tool box anymore…

I find myself in this rat race to create and post everyday, just to keep up and stay relevant along with marketing myself, only to still get lost in an algorithm and many of my posts don’t even get seen by my oldest regular followers anymore.

It used to be a library of sorts and now it’s just a sand storm of too much information…

I’m actually late to the exodus…
Many, many other artist, poets and writers have quietly gathered their things and left these platforms sometime ago.

You can’t use the algorithm to fight the algorithm…you will always lose…

We are the product in social media…not our art..


I will still be on patreon
Making videos and photos
And notes
You can subscribe for the price of a cup of coffee …and there will be the occasional free content there as well.

And as always I will still be at home
At Regardingsamuel.com
Endeavoring to build a safe space
And hopefully in the near future
An ad free space again.

As always,
Be kind.
And make your art
Make good art
What else is there?


Ethan Samuel Bethune

A poem for the lonely

A poem for the lonely
I changed my profile picture today
A world filled with avatars and the illusion of conversations,
Likes and debates,
But no understanding
No empathy
Void of emotions
never face to face…
I am still lonely….
Somewhere a marriage is a ghost ship,
Somewhere life got away from a student and now they are a graduate…
I hear the stomping feet of children on the stairs but never see them…
Somewhere …
There is a heaven somewhere …
According to a 700 year old poem ….
that dreaded letter I learned to avoid in English class…P….poem…
Out there we are on our knees before our lovers and gods
asking how to be kinder
How to love softer
How to not be so afraid ….

How can I be kinder
How can I love you softer
I can I help you not be afraid…


Alien civilizations 


So the Internet is the only place where you can say …

“I’ve been following you for sometime now and…” 

And nobody panics. They Actually Get excited.

You start a conversation with that in daily life…or in our parents generation? you get shot with a flare gun  or worse


They even made films about it. With creepy phone calls. Maybe those villains weren’t villains at all…maybe they just wanted to say thanks for all the great content. Or maybe we all grew up to be those people on the Internet they warned us about. God knows we’re never going to make a phone call. Today we would just be Texting creepy lines …or commenting on social media….but never a phone call. 

Either way. At the end of the day.It’s been free entertainment for years.Youtube Comments. Facebook. All of it. And watching people try to navigate it like everyday life is worth a bowl of popcorn.