From the captains chair

My add campaign
On FB has just finished !!
Thank you for all your support

My book
‘Bleeding Ink’
Will be ready
By the first of the year
And available
For purchase
I’m self publishing
This baby

Which means

I need you guys !!
To write things
In notebooks
And on hands
Hell,plagiarise even

It’s all marketing
Help me push this thing
Through social media
It’s nothing without
You-the reader.

So thanks for all you do
And have done
You are awesome.

And one other
I’m starting
‘Haunted October’
(I’m sure you’ve noticed)

This is short stories
Fit for the season
Enjoy ….


The Liebster Award


A special thanks to hummingbird27
For nominating me for the Liebster award…thank you so much

Here are her questions,for me.

What’s your favourite quote?

“I will love you with too many commas but never any asterisks” -Sarah Kay

“Make good art.
And while you are at it, make your art. Do the stuff that only you can do.”
-Neil Gaiman

“We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life.”
-Marina Keegan

If you had to give a piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

You’re living on toast
You’re struggling through college
A job you don’t really want as a career
A relationship you’re unsure of…
The world is changing
We are changing
Uncertainty is the forecast
So why not write your novel?
Why not make that film?
Why not?
say yes to things and see where it takes you.
you control what’s on your plate
only you…
you’ll change over time..
what you like
how you see things
how you see yourself
that’s ok…
so just do things.
Don’t over think it.
William Shatner said
“Yes’ opens opportunity
‘No’ closes the door…”
Or something like that…
Just say yes,go for it.
There’s no better time than now.

How do you find your inspiration when writing?

Everything …
It could be a book
A sentence
A movie
I just feel everything
When I walk into a room
Or when I meet people
I leave with pieces of that
So I write about it…
I used to think I didn’t have anything to say
Or share
Or that it wasn’t that important
But that’s ridiculous
You feel it
You carry it
You live it
So share it

Tell us something you have done that you are proud of

I talked to my dr about my anxiety…
It literally changed my life…
I know that’s very personal
We all have chemical things going on…
And not to let this define me …
But just medicate it…
Just like a diabetic does…
It clears your perspective …
Nothing should have that kind of grip or power over us…nothing.

If you could pick a job without any consequence to money, what would it

Dating Jennifer Lawrence lol…
No seriously though.
I guess..
just traveling and writing
Getting out there
And photographing things
Eating strange food
And writing about it
Also acting
Making films …
I like so many things
It’s ridiculous

What is your favourite type of cuisine or dish?

Italian …lots of sauce and bread..
And cheesecake…lol
Although Indian food
There’s this great place where my sister lives and it’s just fantastic
Great day,you have to try Indian if you’ve never had it.

If you met your 20 year old self, what would you tell/advise him ?

I sucked back then…
I thought I knew everything,
I dressed bad,
It was really sad,
But I had a lot of anger too…
I would have to say…
“Learn to cook.Learn to take a chance,learn to let go.
it get’s better.
Not necessarily easier,but better.”

What is your best childhood memory?
Running through the woods
Just careless and naive …
We lived in GA and had like 40 acres
It was great. One time I fell out of a tree and broke a limb when I hit the ground and really believed I had broke a rib. so,I got up and ran as hard as I could to tell my parents…because that’s what we do when we break ribs.
And I have to include
Christmas Eve at my grandparents .
Our whole family together presents…my uncles smoking…
Everyone was taller than me.
It was great.

What got you into writing?

My sister actually …I come from a family of writers…and we just started writing …very young…we all had journals…and we all are very sensitive to people and film and the arts …
So we just started writing …
But Danie really started before any of us and I would sneak into her room
And read her journals was just from there grew into this.

Apart from writing or blogging, what are your other interests?
Acting …I’ve always been very vain
And a performer …i would love to work in both fields.
I’ve also kind of always wanted to be a bartender lol

What is a must read book according to you? ( Preferably a book that has perhaps gone unnoticed in the public eye or has been under appreciated)
No matter the wreckage by Sarah Kay
It is the most inspirational thing I’ve picked up in a long time …
Although The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan is just phenomenal as well.
I’ve read both several times.several times.

My nominees are as follows





Here are my questions

what’s the most influential memory you have ?

are you doing the thing you thought you would be doing at this age?

where do you see the arts going? Do you think social media is helping arts? Or hindering them?

does literature play a large influence on your writing/daily life?
If not,what does? If so, what is your favorite book?

what does writing/the arts mean to you?

what’s your favorite thing about where you live?

what’s your favorite quote?

what’s your favorite film?

do you consider yourself a feminist?

if you had the influence to tell your younger self and young women today anything,what would it be?

if you could sit down with anyone for tea/coffee who would it be?

what’s next?

Here are the rules

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– Answer the 11 questions provided by the nominator.

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People like us

Recently, and by recently I really mean the past 4 years
Ok, two years
Maybe, this year. With the economy in such an….overwhelming place …
I started looking at what the future looks like for … Well, people like us .
The working family .

Now, I’m in business – I deal with people.Their children, their money , followed by more people .

It’s no secret that almost NO American feels safe with the thought, prospect, of retirement … None … Zero … I don’t even feel safe , do you ? . And when I say safe, I mean, do you take great joy in thinking of retirement, or do you dread what it’s going to take to get there ? . See where I’m headed .

None of us believe social security is going to be there when we reach the safe haven of 70+ to retire
And yet hardly anyone is taking matters into their own hands .
You have inflation
And dog food to look forward to

I lived on potatoes for months as a child
I promised myself never again

I was talking to a farmer from Michigan recently – great guy , he and his wife got married at the age of forty . They are now in their 70’s . He worked two jobs , she worked for the government – so we know she didn’t make much there . She did all right money wise . But she also had two kids when they met … So she didn’t HAVE any money to save . They pulled together , any raises went to savings and retirement funds . They ate in most of the time … They now have a pretty good retirement. One fund is over 300,000 dollars … However , this is only about 1,300 a month .


If you don’t believe social security is going to be there – as it should be . If you truly don’t feel comfortable trusting your future to someone else ?
Then why do it !

If we don’t who will ? . If not now , when ? .
We have to start today, to secure tomorrow .

It doesn’t have to be complicated either.

Roth IRA’s make interest work FOR you
We all know about interest. Except now you can feel good about it and not worry so much about inflation .
Fund these and a 401k as much as possible . But make sure you have a good emergency fund available on the side .
‘Cause believe me
Stuff happens
It’s not a matter of IF
But when. And it will happen .

What you can , when you can , for as long as ever you possibly can .
If we can’t predict the future ? We must prepare for it .

Will this keep you from worrying ?
No , this is human nature , it means you’re concerned . Just remember … It ain’t nothing but a thing, Do what you can and breathe .

You and I are told to fear the unknown. To panic . To ask questions …
… We don’t have to fear the future , not if we prepare for it … we can change our way of thinking and live like no one else . A down market is not always a bad thing . Perspective is everything .

Consider how almost every advancement in the past 40 years, took place within a down market . Thus turning things around …. Apple , Mcdonald’s , the ATM , cell phones etc etc. The list goes on . The future doesn’t belong to the faint of heart , it belongs to the brave .
life will beat you down,but don’t give up just yet . We are the brave ones . I just can’t help believing in ..people like us.