Summer storms
Building energy
Time and space
Shattered smiles
Worn out miles
Held breath
across the room
Electric energy
Corners of her smile
On shadow
Skin on skin
Electric finger tips
Hot language
Heavy air
Held breath
A thousand miles
Shattered skies
Rain on the window
Held breath
Hand in hand
Silk sheets
Bit lips
A thousand galaxies
On the corner of her lips
Shadow on shadow
Come apart
Read like
In my hands
On my tongue
Summer storm
Built up energy
Come on out
Let yourself go
Fall apart
Come again

30 for 30 #3

They say an EF4 tornado has the impact of ten tons of TNT. An EF5 (much rarer) the same impact and energy of the atomic bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.

I know this trivia because I wanted to understand it. After the south was rocked by four EF5’s during the 362 tornado outbreak on April 27th 2011.

That’s four atomic bombs 

Along with 358 more 

I knew it was historic 

And I knew about the El Niño years 

How the 2011 year was so different 

I assumed it was climate change,oceanic tempatures upswelling,impacting  the jet stream 

I remember wanting to understand,

How is it we can track a thunderstorm for days

And we only have 13 minutes of lead time for a tornado after we catch the hook echo?

They form in minutes 

And 3 minutes 

Or less

Can change everything if you’re

packing heat at Hiroshima levels

That was the year 

I saw brick homes turned to dust 

Trees splintered through vehicles

Waterhoses through tree trunks 

The view flying over 


The trees laying down like crop circles 

the swirling motion of the storm 

I saw a rose in a vase on a window-seal untouched 

That was the year I helped people

get their grocery list 

Because they just stood there 

Forgetting where they were

That was the year 

We gathered bodies 

Out of pastures 

And trees

That was the year 

Black helicopters 

Flew over 

And some landed 

And some we were told was the President 

But he didn’t land 

Because they said it would

Be better 

At the moment 

If he didn’t 

I don’t know if that was true or not 

That was the year 

I saw people fight 

So they could fill their cars with gas

Because it was rationed 

the year

I started feeling a hook echo in my gut

Whenever someone rattled off religion as an answer to weather 


or world events

That was the year 

I wanted to understand 

Rather than forget 

Today I thought about it 

While I heard a story 

On whether or not 

We should repair our NOAA satellites 

And while someone 

Explains the need for this technology 

Some student sitting in a college class room is showing a flat earth video explaining how all of our satellite   images are fake 

While in another room 

A congressman looking over the budget 


“Why do we even need this NOAA budget? We can just turn on the weather channel.” 

But right here 

It’s April again 

And in 3 minutes or less 

We can run out of lead time again