Summer storms
Building energy
Time and space
Shattered smiles
Worn out miles
Held breath
across the room
Electric energy
Corners of her smile
On shadow
Skin on skin
Electric finger tips
Hot language
Heavy air
Held breath
A thousand miles
Shattered skies
Rain on the window
Held breath
Hand in hand
Silk sheets
Bit lips
A thousand galaxies
On the corner of her lips
Shadow on shadow
Come apart
Read like
In my hands
On my tongue
Summer storm
Built up energy
Come on out
Let yourself go
Fall apart
Come again

Beagle in the City #140

Dear doggie journal; 


Dad has left…I’m all alone…this is terrible…I hear strange noises…I hope he is ok. 


I really have to pee. 


Someone is at the door…

We are going to be burglarised!! 

I have hidden under the table for stealth and protection! 

8:02 am 

It’s ok. It was just Mom! 

Boy I miss dad. I hope he is ok. 


Dad came home!!  He was gone for days! We went to the Lowes while dad looked at hammers I choked and almost threw up! I was so scared. But it was only a piece of dust! so everything turned out OK But boy, dad can sure glare. 

We walked! It is finally summer! Everything is growing. I smelled my first flower! 

And then I peed on it. And named it. Simon’s Flower.  I have to show it to mom when she walks with us. I hope I remember. 

I better go! Bye!

Writer’s Log #9

I’m trying to write more 

And read more 

And work out again 


Some people listen to AC/DC etc  

Stephen King does…


Workout playlist

NIN: Discipline, The Hand That Feeds, Closer, Sunspots. 

Gaga: Just Dance, Poker Face. 

Marilyn Manson: Leave A Scar.

Writing Playlist

Always subject to change. Who knows. . . 

Beagle in the City #62

Simon: Hey mom!  Look at my new collar. It’s snazzy. 

 Simon: Bug!!! Kill it dad!

Ethan: I’ve got it…

 Simon: Are you sure it’s dead?  Now burn it.  

 Simon: Thanks dad.

Ethan: I’m so encouraged in your guardian abilities. 


Simon: Mom. It was a really big bug. 

The Proposal

I was going to write something long and detailed. I’m sure I will at some point. There were 70 candles after all…that takes a while to light…And because it’s me-there is definitely a story in there worth telling. 

But – There are no words for this.

I’m on the moon…

She’s the love of my life 

My best friend

My biggest fan

And she said yes.