Beagle in the City #140

Dear doggie journal; 


Dad has left…I’m all alone…this is terrible…I hear strange noises…I hope he is ok. 


I really have to pee. 


Someone is at the door…

We are going to be burglarised!! 

I have hidden under the table for stealth and protection! 

8:02 am 

It’s ok. It was just Mom! 

Boy I miss dad. I hope he is ok. 


Dad came home!!  He was gone for days! We went to the Lowes while dad looked at hammers I choked and almost threw up! I was so scared. But it was only a piece of dust! so everything turned out OK But boy, dad can sure glare. 

We walked! It is finally summer! Everything is growing. I smelled my first flower! 

And then I peed on it. And named it. Simon’s Flower.  I have to show it to mom when she walks with us. I hope I remember. 

I better go! Bye!

Writer’s Log #9

I’m trying to write more 

And read more 

And work out again 


Some people listen to AC/DC etc  

Stephen King does…


Workout playlist

NIN: Discipline, The Hand That Feeds, Closer, Sunspots. 

Gaga: Just Dance, Poker Face. 

Marilyn Manson: Leave A Scar.

Writing Playlist

Always subject to change. Who knows. . . 

Beagle in the City #62

Simon: Hey mom!  Look at my new collar. It’s snazzy. 

 Simon: Bug!!! Kill it dad!

Ethan: I’ve got it…

 Simon: Are you sure it’s dead?  Now burn it.  

 Simon: Thanks dad.

Ethan: I’m so encouraged in your guardian abilities. 


Simon: Mom. It was a really big bug. 

The Proposal

I was going to write something long and detailed. I’m sure I will at some point. There were 70 candles after all…that takes a while to light…And because it’s me-there is definitely a story in there worth telling. 

But – There are no words for this.

I’m on the moon…

She’s the love of my life 

My best friend

My biggest fan

And she said yes.