Writer’s Log #12

Adjusting to new work schedules 

Which isn’t a bad thing 

But I haven’t been writing a lot 


I have been reading 

They took The X Files off Netflix 

Stupid contracts from 2009

Probably won’t get it back….

Soooo I took it upon myself

Bought the whole damn thing 

Complete set with The Event Series 

From last year.

Then I felt guilt 

Why should I have all the entertainment?

And bought my wife The Golden Girls complete series. 

But I love that show too 

So really it’s a win win.

All this really is to say, that I’m going to be writing some fantastic material soon. I’ve been working on it for three months. 

As soon as I get used to my new sleep schedule and getting up at 3 am for work…(I used to write at 3am now I get up at 3am and go to bed by 7pm )

Get ready. 

Beagle in the City #156

The S Files 

Simon: Working the case alone, Agent S can hear the Alien presence…dragging it’s victims down the stairs….their lifeless bodies…striking the steps as it piles them in the dumpster. He wonders about the dumpster sludge as he checks on dad’s female friend, known as – mom. 
It’s too late! 

The alien is obviously attacking her! 

He can see it on the –

Oh wait, that’s just his own shadow…

He tries to move her…her body is lifeless…he touches her shoulder to check her pulse…she doesn’t respond. There’s  no life here. Now he must tell dad. How will he tell dad? Maybe they can get a cat. Or a rabbit. Or maybe he can just replace her and dad won’t notice. 

Ethan: Simon, what are you doing?

Simon: mom’s dead and I don’t know how to tell you! Oh,well, that wasn’t so hard after all. 

Ethan: No she’s not. 

Simon: She hasn’t moved in 16 hours. and I don’t know what CPR is or how to call it for help. 

L: Hey babe, how was work?

Simon: Ghost! She’s possessed!