Woman of the earth

She comes out in the full moonlight

inside of the quiet

Her feelings like fingers dip into a little bit

Of everything

She runs they say

with the wild things

Ten thousand miles

Under the eye of the giants

She’s dived into the mouth of the volcano

Woman of the earth

See her under the weight of

Their poetry

Their weather

Their religion

Tangled up in star signs

Her roots spread deep

What have we done for her lately?

Everything we give her

Comes with a receipt

We’ve got her

Tangled up

Tangled up

In a card

In a headline

On a stage

In a bit


Like strings on a puppet

Where is she now?

I keep looking

She’s a woman

She’s a woman

You can’t label,categorize,

She’s a woman

I loved a woman

Love a woman

She’s a woman

And she’s damned if she doesn’t

She’s damned if she does

Woman of the earth

She runs

With the wild things

She rises with the moon

But what…

What have we done for you lately?

Vintage 1889 casual dining

Fort Payne
At the big mill

Vintage just opened last week
And I have to say
It’s fan-tastic
Sandwiches and soup
Cakes and cheesecake
Live music
Beer and wine

A courtyard out back with strung lights across the alley
A water fountain
It makes it very calm and very relaxing
A good place for lunch
Or a date
Or just drinks with friends
If you’re ever in fort Payne Alabama
Do look into this place
You just have to see it
And taste it






The Merlot

So last night I went to Walmart to purchase some wine . I really don’t LIKE wine, more of the look of wine and what goes into it. A good suit a good wine . But I wanted to buy a bottle of wine and like it . So I spend an hour looking. Trying not to buy a strong wine I got a Merlot – some cheese and crackers because if you’re gonna do something do it right and a 3lb bag of pretzels because …..it’s a 3lb bag of pretzels . Its like the size of a pillow , crazy . I did not know merlot is in fact a strong wine . Like sit you down punch you in the face repeatedly strong. And I did not think to wait until Monday when I’m off to go 10 15 maybe 29 miles from my home where they have local awesomely authentic wine …at an actual Vineyard . Now THAT would have been doing it right .