Letters to a Nurse 19

It’s light here

This space

We’ve made together

It’s light here

Our backs against the weather

what we have

We’ve made

Against the winter

Against the night

This space

Just for us….

Adulthood may be dark

The future of our discontent

But right here

At home

Right in the now

This moment


the ingredients

For all our tomorrows

Quickly becoming yesterday

It’s light

With you

It’s always light

In mid November

Leaves on the ground


gray sun

First frost

It’s warm

It’s light

It’s Home


Ethan Bethune

The one with the blizzard 

This may be a bad time considering all the winter storms. But look! I found a florist that was open. Isn’t that cool. 

I recently had a small procedure done at the hospital and wanted to say thank you to my wife for taking such good care of me. Let me just say…you dream some lunatic things when you have to fast.

I dreamed about one of those food network shows. Where celebrities had to cook meals by following specific instructions. 

And they had like this one guy called Angel who was all jazzed out with sunglasses like Tom Cruise or something And J Lo was there. And a couple of other people. Jay Lo ruined some kind of salad. Trying to add culture to it. And Angel, his salad was just great. He followed the ingredients. J Lo looks at him and says “I’m a risk taker. You have three kind of people, risk takers, goody too shoes who follow all the rules. And you have losers.” Angel looked at her. “No, you have winners. And you have artist who can’t cook themselves out of a recipe that has ingredients layed out before them.That’s called…losing.” Then the announcer says they have to cook Catfish…a southern favorite (I’ll call it Kelleys Katfish.) A special breading  involving a lot of grease never changed throughout the day. (Keep in mind this is only a dream)

Everyone hated it. The judges couldn’t finish it. “What is this? Seafood or casserole? There’s so much breading and grease.” 

“It’s Kelleys Katfish.”

“You mean,Satans’ Tankfish.”

And then I woke myself up laughing.

And immediately had to do hospital related things. I will spare you from. But I got good drugs . Like the stuff MJ was on and said loudly “shit! No wonder he got addicted this stuff is fantastic! And asked for my wife. Saying “go get her. You can’t miss her,she’s the prettiest girl in the waiting room.”

Speaking of drugs I’ve never paid for drugs before. You know, the illegal kind. But a lot of people do. And they pay for sex.or cable or possibly those blue tooth neck speakers that they soon regret. But I have gone to the pharmacy and had to walk past the regular Allegra and ask for the Allegra Decongestant at the counter, you know where they make you feel like you’re doing something illegal like “would you like an eight hour session? Or a 12 hour session? that’ll be 30 dollars” and You hand them 30 and then have to walk past the regular Allegra again.Always with guilt somehow. You say things to the regular Allegra  Things like; “I’m just here for the D.”  And you somehow feel like you’ve paid for a hooker but you just need some relief and the D really just knocks it right out of there. Regular Allegra just doesn’t work And even while you’re justifying spending such an amount? It never really makes you feel better. Until you lay down and take it.

that’s a  lot of  innuendo for sinus decongestant. But 50 shades is a lot of shading especially for gray. Just go for black. At least then you won’t come back. (((Boom burn)))  I saw this old lady reading it once and she was like “I don’t think this guy is a Christian at all.”  And I was like “have you Seen the news?” 

  Have a great weekend. And be safe . 

Beagle in the City #8

  Greetings Earthlings. 

 I hereby refuse to take a dump 

On frost bitten ground 

I’ve been holding it 


One day 

My tush needs cush…

I also enjoy the occasional 

Devouring or the hunt 

My pack calls them toys 

I do not understand 

  Behold my rabbit 
The heart of the rabbit …


I get a lot of baths 
Like one every two weeks 

On Wednesdays 

My pack! 


Choose this torture 


For themselves 

I don’t understand 

I try to watch them 

While they make it rain 

They seem to enjoy 

This torture….

I wear my jacket 
On my walks 

It’s pretty great 

And people wave 

Say I’m cute 

And look how big I’m getting…
We’ve started visiting mom 
At work. 

I see some strange people there 


It’s ok 

I low barked 

In my throat

And they knew I meant business 



I’m practically ferocious now 


((((Danger)))) (((((peasant beware))))

Oooooh milk bones!! 

I have to go cook with dad now. 

Chicken!!!!! ….


Frost #2

The Ruins were quiet. There had been war here. But that was some time ago. What war? He didn’t keep track of such things. He moved across the earth with each season. 

But the girl. She lived here. And every winter. She was on the lake. 

She sat at her window…

“I’ve been watching you Frost. For someone who moves as much as you…you have been very still. What has your attention? Surely not these ruins?.”  She came walking on top of the snow… Her robes shining silver. 

“The girl has something in her. A fire. The same thing you saw in me…when you found me.But it is dying there is nothing here to feed it.”

“I found you,over 300 years ago…I’m surprised you remember.”

“I remember everything. I am forever in debt to you and your kindness. You know,there is no one else but you.”

She smiled. Letting her hair down. Golden.Like the sun. But cold…

“Winter has come. And with fury. ”

The wind shifted. Settling against the earth…as snow began to drive down against the small village. 

Jack touched the window. Frost began to etch across the panes of glass…a ballerina …a circus tent ….an elephant trumpeting.

“You are winter,but to me you will always be Luna.The Lady in the snow. You are more beautiful than ever.”

“Before you I was just cold. And dark.Am mistaken or have you FINALLY turned in your mischievous ways? Lately the word is …that winter is a wonderland.You’ve given me beauty.”

“It was nothing that was not already yours,Luna.”

“Do you still have the visions? Frost.”

She touched his face. A finger across a scar.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen you….”

He saw the ice….rushing water….his chest freezing….fist against the ice…he was stuck….no getting out…no getting out.

“I only remember. Your beauty and your kiss, they saved me. And gave me immortality. I’m sorry I’ve been away.”

He looked at the window.The girl was awake ….and drawing the pictures on her window. 

“I just want to leave something  for them to look for.”

“And we do.Look. It’s almost Christmas. Let’s go together.We have many windows.”

New York #3

Right here
At thanksgiving
It’s freezing
And all I want is my muffin
That’s it
But a hand flashes in front of
My face
And takes it from me
It’s Rachael
jumping ahead of me
With my muffin
All full of energy
She owns her own
Gym and nutrition place
Or thing
It’s very foreign to me
“If you want it
You have to work for it
Come on!”
She’s laughing and running ahead of me – backwards…
“Dammit…” I breathed
“Shhhhit! Come on its negative 20 out here ! if I move I’m going to tear something I much rather prefer
Slowly freezing with my muffin.
It’s more acceptable than breaking
Like porcelain ….”
She pouted,her nose crinkling
With disappointment
“Oh fine Achilles …have your muffin
You are quite the warrior”

“I’m Not laughing,I’m not laughing…
I’m ready to get to the bar so we can eat Annabel’s food and wrap things
Can we do that? Let’s do that.
No one dies from death temps
And exposure.”

“Oh christmas it’s overrated
I hate the cold but I still run
I make this body what it is.”

She was messing with me

“Listen you communist,I love Christmas and muffins
And fires
I like the cold
I just happen to be aware
Of when my blood is
Like ice…
Where’s your american spirit?
This is a time for sleeping
And getting fat
Not running and health.
Indulgence! Dammit.
That’s euphoria!”

“Yeah,sounds like diabetes
and no sex to me..I don’t like it”
She laughed and ran
inside my sister’s bar …
I sighed,Jesus I need to find some dudes to start hanging out with…

image origin


photo origin

tell me
Came in
Unlike summer
So many

Slow and hungry
And it’s darkness
So unfamiliar

project a vision
On the ghosts
In these walls
Like we used to
When we were
Tracing our
Shadows with chalk
We’re still
Walking each other
Lighting all the candles
In the graveyard
watching the moon
Grow wider
As we grow wiser



Last night
I read a book report for someone
In school
They emailed it to me
Asking me to check it for them
I panicked
Only for a moment
Thinking …
“don’t you know I’m not
A Real writer? I’m only pretending!”
But then I got over it….
My email looks more like
A trash bin with emails
From foreign kings
And European lotteries
I should have cashed in
On those ….

I have a stack of books beside
My bed and couch
Dracula is once again at the top
Of my list…

What does this mean?
It means
That in spite of the time change ,
It is none the less
And I am a winter person
Dress in layers
Drink coffee
Eat food
Hang out inside
Watching things
Writing things
Reading things
Which is rare for me
When I was younger
I could sleep anywhere
A doctors office
The floor
The car
I slept while driving for while
(I don’t advise that on any level)
But not anymore
Now it’s rare

If I want to go outside it feels
You have the train tracks
You can walk on
For ages
And late at night
It really sparks some ideas

So yes
Is my time of year
Jack Frost
Was always my favorite
The isolation
Was something I understood
Some people are summer
I have nothing against summer
I am very social
I too enjoy
The sun
But I really
Really like the winter
you know
The holidays
And then I’m ready for spring
So yes
If you’re born
In November
Happy Birthday