Francis Cash #20

Francis: Good luck at the job today…I know what it’s like in the City….Covid and the weather…

Ethan: Would you look at this wise guy, Simon? I’ve been working every day for a year and he knows what it’s like out there…

Francis: I wish I could go with you.

Ethan: I tell you what, I’ll stay here and you can go to the job.

Francis: cough cough …I don’t think my pet deposit covers that. . .

Beagle in the City #281

Ethan: Here taste this, tell me that’s not a good burger.
Simon: Mmm that’s delifuss.
Ethan: you ready for the kicker?
Francis: Lay it on us.
Ethan: it’s not a beef. It’s plant based.
Francis: is it the mustard? It’s gotta be the mustard.
Simon: Get outta here? That’s a plant?
Simon: So how do we grow these?