Beagle in the City #193

Ethan: Why are you judging me? You have food. You eat exactly half of your food.

Simon: I checked your Short Bread Cookies and I didn’t find any short breads.

Ethan: man! You have got to stop eating all of the food around here.

Simon: Yeah but what about these popped corns.

Ethan: tell me you did not eat the cake I left for mom. . .

Simon: I did not eat the delicious cake you left for mom.


Beagle in the City #192

Simon: I think I could be a skateboarding dog. I don’t believe this Tone Knee Hawk guy. It doesn’t look so difficult…

Ethan : I wish you would hurry up and get it done. Then we both could retire. Oh look, this is where he fractured his pelvis and gets a concussion…

Simon: On second thought, I think I’ll keep doing nothing and then retire. If I do a career, I would have to have elbow patches and licenses. And I’ve got that bad knee.

Ethan: Which one?

Simon: I just told you, the bad one. *pay* attention.

Writer’s Log #19

I’ve realized 

I work better when I have a schedule and I’m working on my time management.

So I kind of wrote out a schedule…

I usually make a list every night  anyway…

4am gym.

6am work.

11am lunch with Simon, walk Simon. Make coffee for Lindz. 

5pm home.

Make lunch for Lindz. 

Read,write,tv, clean.

It’s not that big of a deal. 

But looking at it makes a difference. Hearing the alarm go off 

Makes a bigger difference. 

Beagle in the City #191

L: Simon! Bad dog! 

Ethan: What did he do? 

(Simon walks in) 

Ethan: What did you do?

Simon: Absolutely NOTHING

(L stands in the door holding trash from the bin)

Simon: Honest. 

Ethan: Sure. 

Simon: Say dad. You should really go back to work. You’re going to get fired! Since mom quit her job, I’ve been getting yelled at a LOT more.

Ethan: Simon, we’re on vacation. 

Simon No you’re not! When you go to the vacation I get dumped at grandmas and you come back smelling like strange dirts. 

Ethan: I never thought you noticed

Simon: I’m man’s best friend and I will not let you throw your car-reer away just because mom quit her job.   

Ethan: We’re on vacation buddy. 

Simon: fine, I will rough it  with you. I’m part wolf. Let’s see, My dog food is only 60 dollars. Well, I don’t know what dollars are or what it means but that sounds VERY reasonable. 

Ethan: I’ll just cut out coffee instead. 

Simon: Remember I need three blankets and a pillow that’s not too hot or too cold, for when you’re selling things at that thrifty fleas market.

Ethan: oh you’re a real Daniel Boone. I’ll warn the next frontier.

Haunted October #8

He remembered the streets 

The businesses coming and going 

The lights 

The finances 

The music 

The cars.

He had been a part of all of that 

Helped build that 

But now everything was a phone 

Or an app 

And everyone was glued to their hands.

He had a wet bar 

Every night 

He would pour a drink 

As much as he wanted, he could never smoke and drink together. 

He saw the City change.
And somehow he disappeared. Like all of those businesses. Those start ups. 

He looked in the mirror. His skin and his gray hair. He was invisible even to himself. 

The years fly by like rain in the wind.

And there is something painful about growing old. No one ever tells you. Or maybe they did tell you, they were just part of that elderly chasm and you never heard them. 

After you reach a certain age. You become invisible. No one really hears you and no one really sees you. Not like they used to. 

They just group you all together, like a pile of dead leaves raked together and forgotten. 

Sometimes he wondered what happened and how it changed so fast.  One minute he was young and finishing college. The next morning  he was so old he could barely get out of bed. 

Beagle in the City #190

Simon: Hey dad. Why do we listen to the Jazz while we cook.

Ethan: I don’t know, I guess  jazz and beer and food go together… it’s how I relax.

Simon: Oh. Ok. Like mom takes naps?

Ethan: (laughs) I guess so. 

Simon: I don’t think I’ve heard this one yet. Is it new?
Ethan: Well, it’s  Sinatra so it’s about 70 years old. 

Simon: WOW