Feel Free

Maybe the ocean runs out of breath and that’s why it keeps crashing against the shore


Maybe we were meant to be free,

Maybe it’s a look that lasts longer than it should

All the champagne

All the lights

Pack my bags

The streets in this town

They all are leading out

She feels free

It was just her lips

A kiss

Couldn’t turn around

The universe in her eyes

Feel the ocean in her skin

Crashing against the shore

Anchored together

Forget the night

Everything is

Everything is new in the morning …

Hold on

What is this

Hold me down

This love

I’ve worked

Long long hours

The expressions

The notes

The wall

She is gone

I’ve been gone

My love

My tongue

This language

Doesn’t understand

I can’t be here

I can’t be there

I need the mountains

I need the sea

I need the air

I was raised to be patient

But what is this ?

Writers tears…

She is


In front of me

This move

This love

Oh love

Hold on


This love

This touch



Someone else

Somewhere else

Feels the damnation

How are we going ?

This love

This move

Hold on

What is this-touch

skin on skin

Tongue on tongue

What language is this….

Dear you

Dear you

Take a moment

To celebrate your wins

You’ve made it this far

Be proud of yourself

And your success

The goals you’ve crushed

This is your life…

You’re living it

Right here, in the now

And if you’re wondering

You’ve been heard

You’re not alone

Your feeling are valid

Even the earth is overwhelmed

at times

And drops a storm for 72 hours


Just to wipe the slate clean

And start again

You’re not alone

Even stars burn out

They have to die

To be born again

These do not quietly fade away

The do not sit alone in the dark night

They must be heard

They must be seen

They shake the heavens

With a supernova

Giving birth to other stars


You matter

You have more atoms in your eye

Than all the stars in the known universe ….

Maybe this is why we feel so young

Maybe this is why

We feel so old ….

We’ve been here before

But this love

This life

This heart

The fire in your eyes

Has burned with the sun

You matter

This is what legacy’s are made of

These victories

I want to celebrate with you

I want to guard your dreams

Dear you

Keep moving forward

That’s how progress is made

Three steps forward

Two back




I try to tell myself

Being a people pleaser is not a virtue

Being present and feeling others emotions with them

Is not being flirtatious

It’s being present

And most of the time

It’s easier than feeling

This hundred pound weight

On my chest

Filling these lungs with water

Try to write in blood

I’ll tell you when I feel better

If I feel better

When will I ever feel anything


At all

Most of the time

I feel like

I don’t feel anything at all

Tear out this heart

Throw it all away

I can’t keep walking on


Let’s just keep pretending we’re all ok