30 for 30 #9

His alarm clock blinked 3am 

He had an old clock 

From 1996 

With big red letters 

He had tried an old iPhone 

For a few years 

But he liked having his things prioritised 

Alarm clock 



Everything else was just a fad 


If he lost the damn thing …

He looked in the mirror 

When did he get so old ?

One minute 

He was young 

Getting married

Going to work everyday 

He tried to think …

What was it like?

He didn’t know

The next minute 

They were old

What did they do?

What did they like?

They scrolled on their phones?

For what?


Now everyone used something else 

Fb faded away for snapchat after it had more dead accounts than live ones…and then snapchat went to another thing

What had been so important?

Other people’s lives?

The best he could recall everyone was miserable 

And just trying their best

And now?

Everyone that was left was old 

Who cared what they looked like?

If he logged back in?

It would be memories 

Of what?

An article ? 

On clothes?


A governor?

Who could remember what it was all about?

Who said what 

The shame was seeing how far 

Everyone went to defend an opinion 

Or how much they could swallow 

But what did it matter?

Here he was 

And he couldn’t recall

His own marriage 

His own life 

When was the last time 

He really had done something for his wife

What was the best sex they’d ever had?

The best vacation?

Their favourite sex position ?

The funniest memory?

He couldn’t remember 

What did his wife look like naked

When they were young?

He couldn’t remember 

They spent so much time 

Just scrolling 

And now

He couldn’t get it back


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