This is sober…
Almost a year …seven months…
This is fatherhood…
This is …
This is getting your life on track.
Getting your health on track
Your finances on track.
Loving and supporting and being loved and supported.
It’s sacrifice,
Long days,
Long nights,
142 miles a day commute.
This is figuring out what you want your life to be…
What you want to leave behind
What you want your son to see .
I was drinking everyday
It was easy and most people didn’t know it …
I looked terrible
I didn’t like the way I felt
I didn’t like the way I acted and I didn’t like myself …
I was always trying to stop
Like trying a budget
Or a diet …
But that’s not how progress is made…
And then I met this girl
And we stayed up all night talking about what we hoped our lives would be
Our goals were very similar
It was things we could pray about
I called her one night and told her I was going to go a week without drinking…
I felt better
I went two weeks …
I got a promotion at work
The culture at my job was one I could align with
And it pushed me to be better and improve and be right and true
And tell the truth …
I knew I needed order in my life
And that drinking was just a short cut
It would cost me in my health down the road …and it was costing me in my finances right then.
I went a month …
I just never picked it back up…
I don’t want my son to see me like that…
Taking short cuts…
I want him to see the work
The dirt
And the win.
The right and true.

Be right and do right.
It’s a long road …
It’s harder and longer than you think it will be…
But it’s worth it.
The win is worth it
no short cuts…
No one can take this from you.
This is yours.
This life,
This future,
This here and now.

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