The Trinity Of Cool

I was talking with a Writer friend
And mentioned William Shatner
When she said “hey my grandparents” or something like that “live beside him !”
Now let me elaborate what this means to me ….
Because I said
you lie!
But thought
my god how do I get there!
You see you need to understand
William Shatner
is like up there with Ronald Reagan and Han Solo
Same bar

They are
the trinity of cool
Were I living beside William Shatner
I can guarantee you only
Two scenarios
The first: I would be the crazy obsessed neighbour of your nightmares
The second: I just stand there staring into your yard in disbelief ….
There is NO THIRD scenario
Only these

I can’t explain why these are the trinity
They just are
If you don’t know
Well,obviously you’re a moron
It’s Han Solo
Ronald Reagan
William Shatner

It’s weird I get that
When I reference
Nora Ephron
Or my obsession
With playing cards
And let’s be clear
I don’t play cards
I just have an obsession with cards
Like,I buy playing cards
And it’s weird I know
Because let’s be honest
Being a dude
I should know NOTHING about
Nora Ephron
And I should be playing cards
Here we are
She’s a badass feminest
Who’s essays split your gut with humor and leave you with her favourite recipe.
Like she doesn’t just talk about it
She actually gives it to you.

Cards look cool but give you a migraine
Which is unfortunate for me as a standard
Because I would seem like
The kind of guy you’d get a really cool recipe from
But no
If you stay at my place
It’s gonna be like
“Well,I hope you like toast and water”

And that’s the trinity
I can explain it about as well
As I can explain my childhood
Which means I throw stones of humour at it frequently
As if to make sense of it.

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