Beagle in the City #136

Simon: Megablaster!!! Guess what! Guess what! 

Megablaster: are you here to tell me more stories? I like your stories. 

Simon: Hey! It’s story time! Gather around everybody. It’s one dog treat. I don’t make the prices. 

Megablaster: You kinda do though.Simon: Tell us about Gitsferry! Or the stick that wouldn’t fetch!

Ethan: I really think it’s Fitzgerald 

Simon: That’s what I said. 

Megablaster: Tell us about the Hamburglar.

Simon: No dad. Don’t tell them that one. Not that one.

Ethan: Well, I had a burger but then SOMEBODY ate it. And now they don’t beg anymore. 

Simon: I don’t like this story very much.

Megablaster: I like that one. 

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