Beagle in the City #224

Ethan: Ok boys, you two can be my caddy. Are you ready?

Simon: Oh yes. Swoosh! I can’t wait.

Garf: I hate this. What is this? Why all the excitement?

Simon: swish!! Swoosh! Where’d it go? Someone stole your ball dad! I bet it was a gofer! I’ll dig it up.

Ethan: I hit the ball. Now watch the ball… and then go get it and bring it back.

Garf: I’m lying down in this nice patch of dead grass.

Simon: I’m watching it dad. I’m ready.

Ethan: Simon. Simon. Let go. The club…I have to hit the ball first…give me the club! Knock it off!!

Simon: Hey dad! I got you a better club…

Ethan: That’s a stick.

Simon: It’s real solid. Oak!

Simon: Listen to this SWOOSH!

Ethan: Give me MY club.

Simon: What is this?

Ethan: Callaway

Simon: Like the nut?

Ethan: No that’s pistachio

Garf: The Painter?

Ethan: Thats Picasso

Simon: Who’s painted ?

Ethan: just forget it. You’re all nuts.

Simon: Pistashio! Swoosh! That’s a good club dad.

Simon: Here Garf, your turn.

Garf: Hey! Knock it off! Why’d you hit me for? Don’t throw things…

Ethan: you’re supposed to catch it…

Simon: Swish! Swoosh! Pistashio!

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