The Devils square

They said the devil broke loose
John was on his trail
Elijah too
But it took one bounty hunter from way down south …
He said it took more than being baptised in the water
You had to be born in the fire
Walking out of the ashes across that mountain….
Drink that moonshine
Walk that line …
All that glitters ain’t gold
Beauty queens all get old
And 99 problems son …
Well, you know…
Hell hounds won’t go past the mouths of these caves
There’s 15 and 22 just over the way
You can come inside if you dare
But there’s no living creatures inside of here
There’s no fairy tale no make believe
Just the deaths of you and me
Just the demons you carry inside
Just the chaos inside of your own mind
The darkness behind your eyes ….
Just around midnight
The devil appears
But the hounds and the good book too
The fires from the mountains
And the bounty too
They gunned him down at the crossroads
Now you only hear him
Now and again
Running his cards at the table
Drinking his rounds
But it was an old time religion
A different breed
A southern son and a full moon…


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