Beagle in the City #83

Simon: There’s something in the ground. 

Ethan: Are you sure?

Simon: Right here,dad. In this hole. 

Simon: cam’t you shmell ifft? 

Ethan: What? Uhm. No. My nose won’t let me breathe dirt. 

Ethan: Come on, we’re making stone soup. You can help us with that. 

Simon: Bark! Your shoe is staring at me. Why isn’t it blinking!

Ethan: and that’s why you need a bath. 

Simon: Ohhh. I thought it was because I ran through the bushes with the Black Widows. 

Ethan: yeeeghsss 

Ethan: on second thought, you know what,You’re a smart dog. I think you can figure out how to wash yourself. Here’s the soap. 

Simon: Hey, come back!  when are we going to eat the stone soup? I’m hungry

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