Beagle in the City #207

Garf: Uh oh, I think strange nice lady is having a seizure.

Simon: Mom! Is this a game? Mom!

Garf: I’m telling you, I’ve seen this before. Except it was a garbage cat. But it was the same…yeah…you’re going to want to call someone.

Simon: What do I do!?! What do I do?!? What do I do?!? Garf, you’ve lived a hard life, you know, in the street…what’s the number for 911??

Garf: I think strange nice man is home…maybe he can help.

Simon: Dad!

Ethan: Calm down, everything is going to be fine. You did a great job.

Simon: That’s not contagious is it? I think mom caught it from Garf. He was coughing you know…

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