Stranger Things

I woke up  

Staring at

The darkness




Inside this page

I felt the future

Falling like

An endangered species

Will we finish this race?

I don’t want

To be the one

That hurts you

With words


And unsaid

They say the

most dangerous poison

is the secrets we keep


We leave it all out to bleed

On the butchers floor

How many prayers

How many lives

How much time

In this witch hunt

There’s a parting in us

The smoke inside the ashes

From those we burned

I woke knowing
The future was yours

And we’ll go down


The blood from

Our own tongues



The stains 

This floor

This blank page

This black room

The echo of stars

Filling this empty space

The bitter tomorrow 

Coming in like blood in the tide 

It can’t wash out 

We’ve opened the door

We won’t escape what we’ve become 

And we can’t wash out 

What we’ve shown the world 

We can’t go back.


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