Beagle in the City#84

Simon: It was a dark October night. The house was closing in upon me. I could hear from my cage as the murder was happening. I closed in on my suspect, using only my keen, canine senses.

He was a wiry man. Eyes filled with evil. Not very attractive. But he couldn’t help it. He was crazy after all. He’s spotted me. Locked in my cage. He was closing in on me. 

My time had come. On this October night. Blood soaked everything. I could practically hear the sizzle as the flesh cooked from his latest victim. Would I be saved?

Ethan: Simon? Simon? What are you doing? Are you ok?

Simon: Hey dad. Can I help make hamburgers? I’m hungry. 

Ethan: I don’t think I should let you watch Hannibal anymore…

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