Beagle in the City #100

Ethan: Well, Simon. It’s happened. Do you know what today is? 

Simon: Yes, according to the Face of Books today is miserable.

Ethan: Today is our 100th post. 

Simon: Really?  Have you guys been counting? Am I getting a treat? I don’t feel 100

Ethan:  This is a big deal. Some television shows don’t even make it this far. 

Simon: I don’t know what to say. Luckily I have prepared a word document…

Ethan: Slow down Frasier Crane…

Simon: I would like to thank my fans. As few and many as they may be.  I would like to thank my Vet. Because she is really smart and does the thing that dad will not do. And she gives me treats and makes me feel smart too. And I would like to thank my mom. Because she is really cool and I love her. Happy 100!! 

Ethan: You like mom more than me…I see how it is.

Simon: I had to say that …

Ethan: We’ll see if we make to 200 with that attitude .

Simon: Maybe we can go sky diving…Beagle in the Sky!! Above the City!! 

Ethan: Maybe for 500

Simon: Do you want to WIN or not dad?

Ethan: I don’t feel that there are a lot of Beagles sky diving. And especially writing about it…

Simon: Snoopy, dad. 

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