The moon and night

Her kiss
Stays in the lungs
Her touch becomes your shadow
This weather sticks
To your clothes
Earth to your shoes and the rain
Drives a drumbeat
Into this town
The wolves are circling
the blind, blind and innocent
Ready to feed
Ready to be
Believing as they see
Every self help receipt
As a homecoming
Are you
Ready my child
To be free
Self work
Is a hunt
The hunt
Isn’t cheap
Sun and Moon in my sky
The women in my life
They’ve touched deep
Keeping to the woods
Shaded by the potions they keep
Ohh my love
My love
My lovers
Can’t you see
The way
nature moves
Keeping with the night
A language
That must be taught
And yet discovered
My poetry
Runs deep
Like the water over this earth
Her potion
She keeps
Like hell and earth
A matter of means
But oh my my
The wolves are circling
Every thing is not
as it seems
There is the hunt
And the hunted
Keep the fires burning
Or let it die
But move my soul
Move move move my soul
Learn to call into the night
The language
Of the earth
And the body
These bones
Oh my lover,
She is not yours to own
She is not a trophy
To keep
But she has the night
And she will be
She will be free


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