2020 #18

Strange days

Stranger people

You’ve seen the headlines

You think the bible is cruel

Look out your front door

If the book is right


You better pray


New hurricane



jerk you around

And you’ll say it’s ok


It’s just the game

But you can’t play

You’ve been dealt a losing hand

No one wins out here in the wasteland


If you’re not careful

Look out kid

You’ll be so confused

They’ll have you murder the truth

You’re hanging yourself

Your necks in their noose

They don’t really care

As long as your death is in the news


Strange days

He’s standing in the middle

Worried mind

Tired eyes

He can’t win

He was born a dead man in working shoes ….

Just a pawn in their game


Now like dylan said

This place ain’t doing me any good

I used to care, man in the middle,

but things have changed.


I knew a woman

With eyes like diamonds

Her lips were crimson sweet

and when she laughed

It was gin to me…

She played her guitar

Recited her poetry

And I knew then

Everybody loses

Everybody wins

But you can never come back

And re live

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