To the days
When you don’t feel like it
To the days when you
Are overwhelmed
To the days…
I make myself get out of bed some days
I make myself work out
I make myself rest
Because I feel like I HAVE to be doing …progress. . .
I’m running from laziness and stagnant…
I just want to be better today
Every day
Than I was yesterday
In everything
A lot of people like to blame the past …and curse the future…
I don’t though.
All of those things made me who I am…
How can I hate that? Oh I can learn from it…but I don’t hate it…
It takes discipline
It takes courage
It takes grit
Continuously doing
New habits
I don’t ask myself how I feel anymore …
I’m asking
“What can I do with this? How can I use this? “

What is poetry?
What is art?
It’s not perfect
I might not ever get where I’m going
But atleast I made my mind up
And I showed up every day
And I said this
This is what I want
This life
This is what I see
Most people never even show up…

Don’t give up
Don’t give up
You walk through it
And you will look back
To a yellow room unfinished
In a basement
With concrete floors
Or a trailer
Or a house
Or any number of things ….
And how they made you

You’re right here
Right now
And you and your dreams matter
Show up for yourself
It gets better.
What else is there?


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