The self (grace)

How do you preserve the person ?
How do you face the night
The raging flame that burns
Ash and bone
The parasite
That eats the dream
The fracking of the gut
Do all my words
Have to be useful?
Will the be picked apart in time ?
Is there a room
Down the hall
The empty house at the end of the street
Where I can write passion
Where I can explore
And darkness
The cemetery of whatever is left ….
The emergency ….
The empty
surgery room
Butchers floor
Cutting room
Be careful
Not to lose yourself children
Be careful in the cut
In the name of progress
Hear the boots on the ground
The silence
The birds are not flying
They are not singing
We are changing
The moon is red
Is there enough bread
To feed our souls at night
All I try
Is to preserve the self
The passion
The pain
The agony
The pleasure
When you have loss
You cannot just walk out from that room
A best friend
A father
A lover
An ideal
You know once you enter it
That room
You will forever be changed
Let it change you
And stand
In the dark places

For we are all dissolving
And time is running
While we sleep
While we sleep
How do you preserve the person
In grace
In value
In time


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